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2019 Business Trends Report

2019 Business Trends Report

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Have you downloaded our annual report on the Private Practice mental health industry in Canada?

We work with thousands of mental health clinics and practices across the country and have accumulated a tremendous amount of data about the mental health industry. We’ve taken all of that data about sessions, payments, and clinical note trends and compiled it into a detailed business trends report focused entirely on the mental health industry.

We’ve been doing this for a while now, and each year’s report offers a fascinating window into the state of mental health practices, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Click here to download the free report.

At a Glance

Daily Client Session Trends

  • Mondays – 13%
  • Tuesdays – 20%
  • Wednesdays – 25%
  • Thursdays – 24%
  • Fridays – 12%
  • Saturdays – 4%
  • Sundays – 1%

Evenings and Weekends

  • 5% of sessions occur on the weekends
  • 20% of sessions occur after 5 p.m. on weekdays

Average Sessions per Month

  • 49 average sessions per month

These are just a few highlights. You can find more detailed and useful information within the report.

Here is more of what you can find within!

Session Trends

Your sessions with clients are the backbone of your business. Every day, the breakthroughs made in these sessions can improve the lives of your clients in countless ways.

Year over year, the duration and frequency of client sessions has an ever-changing ebb and flow. In this section of the report, you will find an analysis of when client sessions are most likely to occur and what we can take from that information.

Payment Trends

The way that clients are paying for sessions is changing across the entire mental health industry. From payment methods to client discounts to the promptness of payment times, the 2019 report will dig deep into the data to show you the trends in payment for sessions across the entire country.

Clinical Note Trends

How do you take your clinical notes? Your client notes are probably the most valuable tool in your toolbox as a mental health practitioner. It’s essential that they not only be legible but also stored in a safe and secure location.

From measuring the time until clinical notes are signed to how supervised sessions can help train better therapists, the 2019 report will give you insights into how mental health professionals across the country are using their clinical notes.

Get the Free Report

To get all the fascinating data, click here to download the free report. The information and advice found within could generate ideas to help streamline your practice in 2020!

And if you like what you read, Owl Practice offers extensive practice management support for mental health practices of all sizes. We invite you to book a 14-day free trial or book a demo today. And if you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

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