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A Look at Our Client Portal

A Look at Our Client Portal

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What does “user experience” mean to you?

Consider your favourite thing about staying in a nice hotel. Often, it’s walking into an impressive lobby. The lobby of a nice hotel is designed to give you a feeling of awe and grandeur. This welcoming feeling promises that everything about your experience at the hotel will be fantastic.

Online, we may not have a grand chandelier, but our Client Portal comes close. When your clients log into Owl Practice, the Client Portal is a promise of professionalism and comfort, setting the stage for an excellent experience.

About Our Client Portal

Our Client Portal is one of Owl Practice’s Premium Features. With it, your clients’ experience of booking sessions, filling out forms, and messaging you will all be elevated and more accessible than ever.

When a client logs into the Client Portal, they will have three options:

  • Online Booking
  • Intake & Consent Forms
  • Secure Client Messaging

Each of these is meant to make life much easier for both them and you. Let’s take a deeper dive into these features.

Online Booking

Booking your first mental health session can be both difficult and intimidating.

Even though our society is beginning to break down the taboos surrounding mental health assistance, it’s still difficult for most people to seek help. One of the most significant barriers of entry can be that first phone call to book a session. Talking to a complete stranger on the other end of the phone can be a steep bridge to cross. Making that call is a hindrance to mental health access for many people who really need help.

But with Online Booking, it’s incredibly comfortable and easy. All your clients need to do is log into the Client Portal and select Online Booking. They don’t have to speak with a stranger or wait for office hours. If they’re feeling the impetus to book in the middle of the night, the Client Portal is conveniently available on their schedule.

In addition to scheduling appointments, they can also cancel or change their appointment times, cutting out the middleman and unnecessary phone tag. This is fantastic because it means that prospective clients can overcome that barrier of reaching out to book the first session.

Clients can also see their full session history and upcoming appointments. This reduces any confusion or frustration with scheduling.

The benefits don’t only extend to your clients. You’ll have access to advanced availability options so you can control when a client can book a session and what kind of services they can access. Online Booking offers easy integration with your existing website and branding.

One of the best parts of Online Booking is that Owl Practice will deliver automatic email notifications to both you and the client when a session is scheduled. These email notifications will help clients remember their sessions, reducing missed appointments!

Intake & Consent Forms

No matter what the industry or business, onboarding new clients can be cumbersome. There are always so many forms and contracts to fill out. You need their personal information, and they need information to understand and agree to. It can be a slow and messy process.

Not with Owl Practice! We’ve reduced the work surrounding onboarding by incorporating Intake & Consent Forms right into the Client Portal. You no longer have to struggle to manage initial paperwork for new clients. With the Client Portal, the process is streamlined and straightforward.

There’s no email or printing out PDFs; your clients can simply fill out their intake and consent forms right from the Client Portal. Even better, you have full control over these documents. The customized digital intake process is convenient, professional, and completely secure.

Once a client finishes filling out their form, you’ll be sent an alert to inform you everything is ready. You can also track your clients’ progress with the forms, which might prompt you to send them a little nudge through another unique feature of the Client Portal…

Secure Client Messaging

The Client Portal offers clients access to a secure client messenger. This is a tool that provides a PHI-compliant method of two-way communication within the application. This enables clients to have a line of communication in a “chat” format between themselves and your practice.

Mind you; the secure client messenger isn’t a complete replacement for email. Instead, it augments the communication process, offering an additional, more secure means of communication, that both you and your clients will find convenient.

Bringing it Home

As with all of Owl Practice’s services, security is paramount. Nothing is stored on local computers. Everything, from the private messages to the calendars to the intake forms, are stored on our secure Canadian servers as a matter of PHIPA and College compliance. This means that client information will be safe, even if a device is lost or searched during a check at the U.S. or another foreign border.

Our Client Portal will bring the customer service at your mental health practice to an entirely new level. It gives your clients a measure of control over the process of their treatment. The Client Portal is just one of the many reasons why Owl Practice can completely revolutionize the way you manage your private practice. See for yourself; book a 14-day free trial or book a demo today. And if you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

As Always,

Practice Wisely


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