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Redefining “Normal” – Why Video Therapy Is Here to Stay

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Have you put thought into what the phrase “the new normal” really means? Every industry worldwide experienced big changes this past year and a half and many people just want everything to return to “normal.” But here’s the thing: even with vaccinations rolling out and the reopening of businesses, fully going back to the way things were done in pre-pandemic ...

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What Would a More Efficient Practice Look Like?

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Would you say that your private practice is efficient? Every year, big companies spend millions on efficiency experts who determine places where things can be automated, improved, cut back, or eliminated in order to improve overall efficiency and boost the business’s success. Of course, hiring such experts would be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses such as private practices, right? Well, that ...

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How to Create an Operating Budget for Your Private Practice

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What does your private practice’s budget look like? When mental health professionals start their own practices, many aren’t quite prepared for the enormity of tasks required to run a small business. They’ve spent years training to become therapists, but that doesn’t mean they have the experience needed to efficiently operate their practice! There are so many things they need to ...

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Should You Let Your Clients Schedule Their Own Appointments?

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How many times a year would you say that your clients forget their appointments? As the owner of a private practice, preventing missed appointments should be one of your top priorities. Not only do missed appointments mean that you lose money, but you also lose the time you spend waiting for your absentee clients. Few people intentionally miss their appointments. ...

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How to Improve Billing Efficiency

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Have you ever made a mistake when invoicing a client? When someone comes to a mental health professional for therapy, the last thing they want is to deal with is a billing mixup. Not only do these errors complicate your books, but they also create customer support issues with lots of backtracking to make things right. If you don’t have ...

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