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“Back to School” Practice Tips

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There’s no doubt about it; this back to school season is very different from other years. But even so, there’s still that “back to school” feeling in the air, and even adults can feel it—back to school and back to business.

Fall is the perfect time to start anew and get things organized for your private practice. Here are some ideas to help you get better organized and boost your practice efficiency this fall.

Upgrade Your Tech

Buying school supplies is always exciting for kids. They get to pick out all of their new “toys” for the school year.

It might be a good idea to embrace this mentality and get some new “school supplies” for your private practice! Because of the pandemic, virtual sessions through Owl Video Therapy have become the norm for many therapists. Even though in-person sessions are possible again, it’s tough to beat the convenience of having sessions from the comfort of your couch. And many mental health clients have discovered that they prefer Video Therapy to in-person sessions.

With that in mind, you should give your clients the best video experience possible by purchasing an upgraded webcam and microphone or headset. Generally, the webcams built into laptops are terrible, and the mics aren’t much better either. In a Video Therapy session, you want your clients to have crystal-clear image and sound, so buying some new teleconferencing equipment might be a smart investment for your practice.

Autumn Cleaning

Given everything that was happening in the spring of 2020, it’s a good bet that no one got much spring cleaning done! So, why not move that spring cleaning mentality to this fall? It’s the perfect time to go through your Owl Practice account to ensure that everything is where it should be, archiving old documents, notes, and clients.

And what about any old paper clutter; are you holding on to any old paper files? Remember, you can scan documents to upload to Owl Practice and have your paper old documents shredded to clear the clutter.

After you finish up your business autumn cleaning, your Owl Practice account and your physical practice will be both sparkling like new!

Meet New People

As a kid, it was always exciting to go back to school in September to find that someone new had joined your class. So, why not do the same thing as an adult and go out (this can be virtual) to find some brand-new clients!

There are countless ways to connect with new clients, including social media, referrals, and email campaigns. But if you want a genuinely remarkable ROI on your search for new clients, why not check our TherapyOwl?

TherapyOwl.ca is our free therapist directory, available for anyone to use. If someone is looking for some mental health assistance, they simply enter their location and what kind of therapy they are looking for into the search bar, and a list of therapists in their area will pop up. It’s an incredibly easy way to find a new therapist, and quite a step up from what used to be a pretty daunting task.

As a mental health professional, you can set up a free profile on TherapyOwl. You don’t even need to be an Owl Practice user! Add all of your details to your profile for free to make yourself available to potential clients.

Rediscover Your Time Off

If there’s one thing that kids are amazing at, it’s leaving school behind at the end of the day. (Sometimes to the detriment of their homework.)

As adults, we have a lot more trouble with that concept. Our work often follows us home, intruding on our time to relax. The pandemic especially threw off countless people’s work-life balance; working from home blurred the lines between their work life and personal life.

But now that your practice has reopened, it’s an excellent idea to reestablish the barriers. Everyone needs some downtime to perform at their best. If you’ve let any hobbies or after-work activities drop off over the last few months, September might be a perfect time to pick them back up again. By rebuilding your work-life balance, you’ll be able to give your best both at work and at home!

And remember, Owl Practice saves mental health practices an average of 12 hours a month on administrative tasks! So take advantage of that extra time by rediscovering your time off.

Tools & Mindset

We know that it’s been a tough year, but autumn offers a new beginning. Getting into the back-to-school spirit is a combination of mindset and having the right tools. With a good webcam and Owl Video Therapy and an organized practice management system within Owl Practice, you can get your practice on track for an optimum fall season. Owl Practice will be there right alongside you!

If you’d like to experience what Owl Practice offers, including video therapy, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or a demo today. If you have any questions or comments about our services and video therapy tools, please contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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