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Feature Updates

New Feature: Insurance eClaims

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Do your clients ever ask for your help submitting claims to their insurance company? If so, we have a permanent solution for you! Over the last few years, we have been adding and updating features to Owl Practice, keeping us at the forefront of practice management tools in Canada. From adding comprehensive Video Therapy functionality to reworking the way you ...

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Feature Update | Intake and Consent Forms

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Do you ever struggle with getting your clients to fill out and sign your intake and consent forms? Bringing on a new client is supposed to be a time of celebration, but it can often end up being a frustrating process. Onboarding new people into your practice management solution isn’t something you can do alone; you need their help. Their ...

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TherapyOwl – New Client Growth Service

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How many new clients have you taken on this year? 2020 has been a terrible year for mental health. With workplace closures, rolling lockdowns, and limits on gatherings, almost every in-person social outlet is unavailable, leaving people feeling lonely and trapped. All of this is a recipe for a mental health pandemic, alongside the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, many people are ...

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Video Therapy: Work From Anywhere!

Video Therapy: Work From Anywhere!

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Video Therapy may be the ultimate building block in building a “work from anywhere” office. The impact of COVID-19 and social distancing around the world has impacted every industry and business, and that includes the mental health profession. Luckily, even before the pandemic hit, we had been hard at work with a new Video Therapy feature. While mental health practices ...

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FAQ: Owl's Clinical Measures Feature

FAQ: Owl’s Clinical Measures Feature

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Have you tried our new Clinical Measures feature yet? We strive every day to make it easier for you to run your practice. While Owl Practice started as one of the most fully-featured practice management systems available, we’re continuing to get even better! One feature we’ve recently added to the Premium version of Owl has become a hit among our ...

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