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How Online Booking and the Client Portal Can Help your Practice

How Online Booking and the Client Portal Can Help your Practice

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If you add it all up, how much time do you spend on administration? We’re not talking about while you’re in a session or writing your notes afterward. It’s the time you spend arranging the next appointment or attempting to get your client to fill out all the necessary intake forms. This kind of administrative work takes up a lot ...

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Gender Diversity – An Important New Feature from Owl Practice

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Owl Practice is very happy to introduce an important new feature to our client profiles: Custom Gender Fields. This recent update will offer flexibility to mental health professionals, giving them the ability to make their client intake process more accurate and appropriate. Rather than selecting from specific gender identity options in a dropdown menu, therapists can now fill in a ...

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NEW: Gender Identity, Advanced Search, and More!

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Hi there, We appreciate all of the great feedback Owl users send us, and we are constantly adding new features based on the ideas you dream up. All of these features have been carefully thought out and planned to have the greatest impact on our users, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about them! Here’s what we built ...

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NEW: Online Intake and Consent Forms

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Transform your intake process with Owl’s Online Intake and Consent Forms. If you have ever struggled to manage the initial paperwork of a new client, you know how valuable streamlining that process can be. Not only should the intake process be simple for you, it should also be straightforward for your clients. Paperwork doesn’t need to be a hassle! With ...

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Attention Students & New Grads! - New Graduate Program

Attention Students & New Grads!

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How excited are you to finally be graduating university? Your first year out of school can be one of the scariest and most exciting of your life. You’ve probably been going to school every single year since you were five years old. Every September, you knew exactly what was going to happen; there was always going to be a first ...

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