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Feature Updates

NEW: Internet Connectivity Banner

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Any Wi-Fi zone you find yourself in may experience periods of slowness or interruption. This can be due to network traffic, technical issues with Wi-Fi components, or service interruption with an internet provider. Owl now detects when your Internet connection has slowed down and warns you that this has happened. It also let’s you know when your network is working again. ...

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NEW: Cancellation Attendance Status

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We’re excited to let you know that we’ve heard your feedback on Owl’s CANCELLED attendance status, and have enhanced Owl’s cancellation functionality. Specifically, there are now TWO cancellation attendance states for Owl: CANCELLED and LATE CANCEL. CANCELLED allows you track that a session was cancelled by the client but there is not charge for the session. The session remains listed ...

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NEW: Multiple Therapists for Clients

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We’re happy to announce a SECOND Group Edition update for Owl today: Multiple Therapists for Clients. You can now add multiple therapists to a client’s profile, allowing each of the listed therapists to access the client’s profile. This is important for multi-disciplinary practices, or practices where a given client sees more than one therapist. There is still a Primary Therapist ...

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NEW: Room Booking for Group Edition

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Room Booking for Group Edition is here! This feature has been much requested and allows you to define rooms for your practice, and then book rooms for your appointments.   In the Calendar you’ll notice a new “Rooms” option beside the Day / Week / Month selector. Simply click on Rooms to see a day-view of the Calendar, with each ...

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NEW: Hide Client Names

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Following up on our popular Hidden Client Names for Calendar feature, we’re releasing an update to hide client names across all of Owl. This feature has been much requested and helps you maintain confidentiality when eyes besides yours may be viewing your screen (say when you’re scheduling an appointment with a client you’re meeting with). You’ll see the new Hide ...

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