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Is Online Booking right for your practice?

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We’ve been working on a great mew feature for Owl for the last several months, and we’re very excited to share a sneak peak with you today about what’s just around the corner. COMING SOON:  Online Booking   This is one of those features that we get asked about a lot. Online Booking allows your clients to book appointments directly into your calendar from ...

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NEW: SMS Text Reminders

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Owl’s developers are always working on new ways to enhance your practice’s efficiency. This could be something big like our upcoming Online Booking system (the astute of you may have seen references to it showing up around our site or heard us talking about), but we always want to make sure that we add new things you don’t see coming! ...

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NEW: Client Waitlist

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A quick Tuesday post to share a small (but much requested) feature release: Now Available: Client Waitlist Many of you have asked for a waitlist feature for Owl Practice – it’s now here!  Now, in addition to “Active” and “Inactive”, there is a new “Waitlist” status for clients. To put a client on your practice waitlist, simply head to the Contact ...

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NEW: Manual Payment Allocation

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Hi everyone! We wanted to share a quick update about a feature that launched today! As you may know, when a client has multiple unpaid sessions in Owl, and you Record a Payment, Owl automatically allocates the payment to the oldest session, because it assumes you want to pay that off first. This works really well most of the time, ...

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NEW: Availability & Server Upgrades

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We wanted to share two quick feature updates with you that launched quietly over the last two weeks. THERAPIST AVAILABILITY: We’ve just launched a new feature called Therapist Availability.  This feature allows you to set the time periods for a typical week during which you’re available for client appointments. You can configure your availability by heading to SETTINGS / THERAPIST DETAILS.  Once there, ...

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