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Owl’s Tips for Year-End Part 2: Accounting Details for your Accountant

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As we learned in Part 1, Account Summaries are a simple and fast way to get a client’s financial history together for them. Owl is designed to save you time, and having the ability to grab all of a client’s data in one place and pass that on to the client themself is incredibly helpful. But what about your accountant? ...

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Owl’s Tips for Year-End Part 1: Account Summaries for Clients

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As we head towards year’s end, we wanted to offer some tips on how to get organized with Owl Practice. Previously, it mayhave been difficult getting all of your accounting data in order for the right parties, at the right time. With Owl, however, it’s incredibly easy! Over the next couple of posts, we’ll  provide a quick orientation to how ...

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TIP: Getting organized for year-end accounting

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Year-end Accounting Tips Whether you work with an accountant or bookkeeper, or tackle year-end record keeping on your own, you’ll need to make use of the appointment data you’ve entered into Owl Practice during the year. Here are the three things you’ll need to do in Owl to get ready for year-end accounting: Export Session Records – The first step is to use ...

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