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Private Practice Trends in 2021: Video Therapy

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Have you tried a video therapy session yet? Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the only way that many people can do their jobs. With that shift came the rise of teleconferencing apps. These apps helped remote employees work together and opened the door for virtual appointments with doctors and other health care professionals. Once the first ...

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Why Choose Owl Practice?

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How do you ensure your mental health practice stays organized? To keep their practices running smoothly, many mental health professionals rely on general project management tools like Trello or Asana. While these can be useful services, they are not specifically designed for mental health practices. Their security might not be up-to-snuff, or they might not have the client management features ...

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Are New Year’s Resolutions Bad for Mental Health?

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Do you plan on making some changes in the upcoming new year? New Year’s Resolutions and their failure rates have become a bit of a joke in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped people from making resolutions—in fact, some people take their resolutions very seriously! But what happens if those goals and expectations aren’t met? It can result in a ...

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How to Reduce Missed Appointments

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Is there any worse feeling than realizing that you forgot an important appointment? Every time you get hit with a wave of guilt and shame, worried that you just wasted someone’s time. Often, that’s what happens when a client forgets about an appointment with their mental health professional. Depression and other mental health conditions can dramatically impact memory, sometimes resulting ...

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Modernizing Your Private Practice

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2020 has been a BIG year for innovation! Over the last year, the workplace has changed in significant ways. Many people are now working remotely at home, video conferencing is on the rise, and more business gets done online than ever. Thankfully, many of the most popular features Owl Practice offers made this transition much easier for countless mental health ...

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