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What You Can Accomplish with Owl Practice

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How much do you get accomplished in a day? As a mental health professional, your days are likely packed. You have sessions with your clients, practice management, commuting, and hopefully some downtime after work. Unfortunately, that means that there are likely items on your to-do list that don’t get done. And there’s nothing worse than reaching the end of a ...

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Solo, Group, Student, and Educator Solutions

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What kind of mental health practice do you run? When we first started Owl Practice, our focus was on providing a full-featured practice management solution to Canadian therapists and psychologists. Over the years, we’ve expanded our mission statement to include many other kinds of practitioners, including occupational and speech-language therapists. However, we’ve never taken our eye off the ball when ...

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Practice Management for Speech-Language Pathologists

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Do you run a speech-language therapy clinic? Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes. While we often focus on what Owl Practice can do for mental health practices, our services aren’t limited to that field alone! The variety of practice management features offered by Owl can be adapted by just about any kind of therapy clinic, including those that focus ...

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Practice Management Solution for Clinics of Allied Health Professionals

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Do you believe that Owl Practice is only for mental health professionals? If so, we have news… Maintaining a high level of organization is one of the most important aspects of being a healthcare professional. Trying to run a successful practice without intelligent systems and tools working in the background to ensure smooth day-to-day operations is almost impossible. Without an ...

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Mental Health in 2022: A Look Ahead

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Are you prepared for the shift happening in mental health across the country? The last two years have been some of the most difficult mental health-wise for people across the country. During the height of the pandemic, there was incredible social isolation. Elderly people especially faced seclusion that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Even people who had ...

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