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What’s the Ecological Footprint of Your Private Practice?

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Take a look around your office. How much paper do you see? Paperless offices have been promised since the mid-1980s, but it’s only been in the last ten years that those promises have become realized. Today, countless offices and practices around the world are shifting over to paperless workspaces. But why? Well, there are many reasons! Saving the Environment Reducing ...

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How Canadian Therapists Benefit from Our Medications Tracker

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Do you ever have trouble keeping track of your clients’ medications? When we were designing Owl Practice, it was vital to us to ensure that mental health professionals would always have the information they need right at their fingertips. This philosophy became the foundation of how we set up client profiles. When you enter a client’s profile, you will find ...

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Practicing Gratitude in a Changing World

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Are you starting to feel a little burned out as a mental health professional? Across the world, people are experiencing continual strain because of COVID-19. Even though vaccines have been a point of hope for many, the virus is still spreading and people are still isolated. As a result, mental health issues are increasing, as people do their best to ...

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Taking Time Off Is Easier With Owl Practice

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Are you ready for a vacation? The last two years haven’t been easy on anybody, which you know well as a mental health practitioner. Even at the best of times, people need to have breaks from the stress of their job and life… and these are not the best of times. People have been desperate for vacations for a long ...

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Redefining “Normal” – Why Video Therapy Is Here to Stay

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Have you put thought into what the phrase “the new normal” really means? Every industry worldwide experienced big changes this past year and a half and many people just want everything to return to “normal.” But here’s the thing: even with vaccinations rolling out and the reopening of businesses, fully going back to the way things were done in pre-pandemic ...

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