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Practice technology and your consent form

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I don’t need to tell you that consent forms are a necessary part of private practice life. Whether referencing your treatment approach, privacy policy, limits of confidentiality, fee schedule, or payment terms, being clear and forthright with your clients at the outset of the therapeutic relationship is critical. Elements that merit inclusion in your consent document, but are often overlooked ...

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Getting rid of your filing cabinet

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Secure document storage is a personal bugaboo for me. In addition to running Owl Practice, I help my partner in life manage a growing psychology practice. I vividly remember the day the declaration came from our practice administrator, “We need another filing cabinet.” There have been many memorable moments on our journey in private practice together, but this one stands out for ...

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Optimizing your practice workflow

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  Behind every successful private practice is a set of well thought out processes that make common practice tasks easier, more accurate, and faster.  Many practices, however, have one or more broken processes that prevent them from being as efficient as they could. Here are a couple of examples I’ve heard that highlight the symptoms of a broken (or entirely missing) ...

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Tracking practice performance & profitability

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As with any business that hopes to be profitable and grow, it’s critical that you track the performance of your practice over time. But what should you be measuring, and how can you do this in your practice every day? Key Performance Metrics & Why You Should Track Them There are six key practice metrics that are most important to ...

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Managing your annual fee change

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Raising your fees periodically is an essential part of running a viable private practice. However, the answer I often get to the question, “When was the last time you raised your fees?” is a hesitant “I don’t remember” or “a while ago…“.   Private practitioners know this is something they’ve got to do, but they often dread the process and fear sharing ...

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