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Diverse Canadian Therapists Who Use Owl Practice

Diverse Canadian Therapists Who Use Owl Practice

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What type of mental health care provider are you?

Owl Practice is Canada’s first choice for mental health care providers in private practice. Thousands of Canadian practices use Owl to manage the administrative side of their practices and make better business decisions.

We wanted to explore the various kinds of practitioners who benefit from Owl, and what makes Owl work for them. Owl Practice offers practices the tools they need to do their jobs. Here’s just a glimpse at some of the different ways Owl Practice helps practices.

General Counseling

No matter what kind of mental health practice you own, there are certain practice management features you will need. For example, a robust scheduling system.

With Owl Practice, you can easily schedule client appointments through our intuitive calendar. In fact, with our Premium package, your clients can actually book and manage their own appointments! Built into this calendar is a reminder and confirmation system where emails will automatically be sent out to patients before their appointment, just to remind them that they have one coming up.

Having a sophisticated billing system is also a must. With Owl Practice, you can create beautiful invoices customized to your practice. With just one click, they’ll be sent off to clients, making sure that they’ll have a digital copy of their invoice/receipt. This is not only convenient for them, but it will also mean that you’ll get paid for your services even faster!

Finally, clinical progress notes are an absolute necessity for therapists. With Owl Practice, you can keep all of them in one place, attached to the client and patient profiles. With your smartphone, you’ll be able to access them anywhere you have an internet connection. If you need a hard copy, no problem, you can download all of them as a PDF.

Mental Health Counseling

When someone is suffering from a mental health condition, they may not want anyone else to know about it. There’s still a significant stigma about mental health in this country, so their privacy can be very important to them. They need to be sure that all of your sessions are confidential, with their client data and your clinical notes being safe and secure. You can assure them that will be the case with Owl Practice.

With Owl Practice, all of your client and patient details are stored on secure Canadian servers. This means that, if a foreign agency wants access to one of your patient’s mental health records, that information will be well out of their reach. We comply with Personal Health Information regulation (PHI) in every way, making sure that everything at your private practice will STAY private.

Couples and Family Counseling

One of the most powerful features that Owl Practice offers to family therapists is our Circle of Care.

Circle of Care allows you to link patient accounts together so you can clearly see how relationships are laid out. If you’re treating a family with two parents and two children, you can link all of their individual accounts together for an accurate picture of that family structure. The Circle of Care can also be incredibly useful when you’re doing couples therapy.

In Circle of Care, you can also add contacts who aren’t your patients. For example, it’s a snap to add contact information for lawyers, social workers, general practitioners, and emergency contacts. This allows you to keep all of the important information about a client in one place for easy access.

Every Canadian Therapist Can Benefit from This Feature

Something that all Canadian therapists can benefit from is our free listing service, TherapyOwl. Potential patients simply need to enter their location, their clinical issue, and a therapist’s client focus. From there, TherapyOwl will match them up with therapists who are a perfect match for what they’re looking for. It’s a fantastic way for therapists all over Canada to grow their practice and client base. And as a therapist, it’s also completely free to sign up! You only need to create your profile, including your photo, education, expertise, self-summary, and contact information. It’s that easy!

If you’d like a more in-depth look at all of our practice management features, please sign up for a free demo! If you have any questions or comments about our services, we invite you to contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

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