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What Would a More Efficient Practice Look Like?

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Would you say that your private practice is efficient?

Every year, big companies spend millions on efficiency experts who determine places where things can be automated, improved, cut back, or eliminated in order to improve overall efficiency and boost the business’s success. Of course, hiring such experts would be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses such as private practices, right? Well, that all depends on who you’d consider an expert!

Owl Practice has spent years working with private practices and therapists to refine our practice management services and create features that allow for greater efficiency. With our expert help and services, private practices across the country have been able to improve their efficiency and save themselves up to 12 hours every month!

So, imagine a more efficient practice… one that looks like this:

Client Scheduling

Booking appointments can be a surprisingly time-consuming and error-filled task. If anyone mishears a single word it can lead to a major miscommunication, and thus a missed appointment.

But what if your clients could book their own appointments? With Owl Practice, they can! By logging into your Owl Practice portal, your clients can see all of your availability months in advance. They can then select a date and time for their session that best suits them. That appointment will automatically appear in your calendar—you don’t need to lift a finger!

Session Flexibility

As a mental health professional, you know that not all clients are the same.

Every client has different needs, and they can potentially have accessibility issues in regards to attending their sessions. Perhaps they have a health condition that prevents them from traveling to your practice, or maybe their mental health issues make leaving their home a difficult task.

With Owl Practice, you can offer your clients the flexibility they need to attend every one of their sessions. If they prefer to go into your practice in person, that’s great! But if they’d rather have their session in the comfort of their home, that’s entirely possible with our Video Therapy features.

To access Video Therapy, all your client needs to do is log into your Owl Practice Client portal, and they can set up a video session with you. It’s a perfect solution for those who can’t make it into your physical practice!

Appointment Reminders

Just because someone makes an appointment doesn’t necessarily mean they will show up on time or show up at all. It happens to everyone every now and then!

Fortunately, you can avoid these situations with Owl’s email and SMS reminders. With our system, it’s easy to set up pre-scheduled reminders to be sent out to your clients as their appointments approach. You can even automate multiple reminders, for example, one for a week before, one for the day before, and one for the day of.

With these reminders in place, your clients will have a much greater chance of making it to all their scheduled appointments!

Clinical Records

So, your client has shown up for their session, and you’re ready to begin working with them. This is the point where you need to make sure all of your session and client notes are ready and organized—and that’s a cinch with Owl Practice!

With Owl, session notes are automatically sorted by client, meaning that everything will be right where you expect it to be when you need it. Additionally, thanks to our Circle of Care system, clients can be linked together. That makes tracking family and couples sessions very easy, as well as tracking down extended contacts, e.g. next of kin or primary care physician.

If you have any supporting documents for a client, you can access them through their profile. And with Owl’s unlimited storage, you can add as many records as you’d like!

Invoicing Clients

After a session is over, you need to go out and prepare an invoice for your client, right? Not with Owl!

Once a client has completed their session, a fully-branded invoice is automatically created. With a single click, you can send it to your client. Even better, using Stripe, we offer integrated payment processing so that you can process credit cards from your Owl Account.

And, of course, all of these invoices will be stored safely in our systems and contribute to your key practice stats, allowing you to track your practice’s success over time.

Client Engagement

Sessions aside, there could still be many reasons why you may need to reach out to a client. Maybe they need to fill out some forms, or perhaps you want to send them a message with follow-up questions. With Owl Practice’s Client Portal, all of this is a snap!

Your clients can find all of your practice’s online intake and consent forms on this portal. Rather than sending PDFs back and forth, your client can simply sign from within Owl itself to access and fill out these forms. It’s convenient, secure, and PHI compliant!

We also offer a secure messaging service that’s PHI and college-compliant. If you want to have a text conversation with one of your clients but know that you could end up discussing confidential information, you can do it through our secure messaging service. Everything you speak about will be as safe as your clinical notes, encrypted and stored on our Canadian servers!

The goal of all practice management services is to increase efficiency, but Owl Practice tries to go above and beyond this every day. With our variety of practice management services, you can save hours every single month, and that’s time you can reinvest into growing your practice—or possibly even taking some well-deserved time off.

If you’d like to learn more about how Owl Practice can help you manage the business side of your practice, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial. If you have any other questions or comments about our services, please contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

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