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Gender Diversity – An Important New Feature from Owl Practice

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Owl Practice is very happy to introduce an important new feature to our client profiles: Custom Gender Fields.

This recent update will offer flexibility to mental health professionals, giving them the ability to make their client intake process more accurate and appropriate. Rather than selecting from specific gender identity options in a dropdown menu, therapists can now fill in a blank Gender Identity field. This gives you the freedom to add the information that’s best suited to your individual clients, empowering you to fully document their gender identities and preferred pronouns within their profiles.

This is a feature that has been in the works for a while and we are thrilled to finally be able to offer it. As a therapist, you already know that it’s imperative to always treat your clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. By replacing the dropdown gender menu with a blank fillable field, you are able to include your client’s preferred pronouns and gender. We hope that this accurate record keeping will add to the exemplary service that you work so hard to offer your clients.

Owl also offers the option to have a client’s preferred name appear in all areas of the practice management system; from calendar and appointment bookings, to the client portal and appointment reminders —from this point going forward, you will have the ability to use the name your client would like to use, rather than the name they were given at birth.

The Custom Gender Fields option can be found in your Add Client window. For existing clients, you can make any adjustments to your clients’ gender identities in the Contact & Clinical area.

A big thank you to all of the users whose input inspired us to make our gender intake fields more flexible and accurate, allowing you to provide even better service to your clients. Owl Practice acknowledges the importance of representing your clients identities in your clinical records. We are proud to empower you to do so!

If you’re new to Owl Practice, don’t forget that you can always sign up for a free demo to discover exactly how Owl Practice has revolutionized mental health practices all across Canada!

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