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Do you know how long our society has been discussing the paperless office?

Believe it or not, we’ve been talking about it for over 40 years now! In 1975, a Business Week article suggested that personal computers would eventually lead to the end of paper documents in the office. Oh, how people laughed and laughed at the very thought! They laughed throughout the ‘70s. They laughed throughout the ‘80s. They laughed throughout the ‘90s. The laughter finally started to die down in the ‘00s. And today? Well, no one is laughing because the paperless office is now mainstream and saving companies massive amounts of money, while also drastically cutting down on office waste. Turns out that the paperless office was just an idea WAY ahead of its time.

One of the biggest benefits of Owl Practice is that it allows practices to move towards a paperless office model without the associated headaches that can come with it. We take care of all the infrastructure and systems, leaving you with a simple, efficient practice management system that will not only save you time and energy, but will also help you save the environment!

Saves Money

Let’s be slightly cynical for a minute.

We all want to do our part to save the environment, but a small business has to be able to make money. In the past, moving to a paperless office was an expense that many practices across the country simply couldn’t afford. It required major investments into servers, storages, and software. Frankly, it just wasn’t worth it for most small businesses.

Thankfully, services like Owl Practice have since revolutionized the idea of a paperless office. You don’t need specialized training or a huge upfront investment to be able to use our services. We take care of everything! Our interface is designed to be as user-friendly as possible for both you and your clients. Our services are very affordable, beginning at just $40 a month.

When you go with Owl, you’ll also be saving a ton of money every year on paper, ink cards, toner, and equipment. Plus, since your printer and copier won’t be running constantly, you’ll also be saving on your energy bill!

Reduces Environmental Waste

Do you know that it takes over ten litres of water to make one single sheet of paper? That’s quite the number! We can make a real impact on the environment by simply cutting back on the amount of paper we use. By going paperless, you’ll also be cutting down on other forms of waste, including ink cards, plastic packaging, and even the non-recyclable parts of copiers and printers.

All of this being said, over the last 20 years, waste in the office has been drastically reduced. Recycling is now the standard at most businesses, saving countless trees. However, recycling still consumes vast amounts of resources. There is more that we can do to save the environment, and that can begin with the paperless office.

Better Organization

The beauty of moving to a paperless office is that you’ll know exactly where everything is at all times. No more misplaced documents! If something is accidentally stored in the wrong place, you just need to do a search of all your documents and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a few seconds. That increased level of organization can be a godsend for a small businesses and practices.

Just a few years ago, if you forgot an important document at the office before you went home, you’d have to make the trek back to your practice to get it. Today, you no longer have to worry about taking documents with you because you can access all of them so long as you have a smart device and a wireless connection!

An accidental loss of documents could be catastrophic to a practice, which is why manual daily backups were such a necessity. With Owl Practice, we take care of that for you. Secure automatic backups are kept of all of your files, without you having to do a single thing. Plus, just like the originals, those documents are all stored digitally so it will also save on paper use!

Increased Information Security

Storing paper documents under lock and key at your practice may not be as secure as you think. Filing cabinets can sometimes be left open, and paper documents can be misplaced or lost. Here is how we look at it: if a locked office door is considered secure, then Owl Practice’s security is the equivalent of Fort Knox!

Every document you upload to Owl Practice is stored on Canadian servers, as a matter of PHIPA and COLLEGE compliance. You don’t have to worry about any foreign entities having access to your sensitive data. We use a combination of SQL and MongoDB database, bank level encryption (SSL), and customized login pages, plus your username and password. That’s a lot of security, far more than most small practices can provide for their paper documents.

Improved Client Care

When you use Owl Practice, you aren’t just getting secure document storage and a paperless office, you are also getting access to dozens of incredibly useful tools that can improve the quality and accessibility of your client care. With Owl Practice, clients can now manage their own appointments, including scheduling and cancelling, sparing you workflow-breaking phone calls to book their appointments.

Online Invoicing and Billing

Another way that we can help you save on paper and improve your customer support is by providing you with online invoicing and billing. No more mailing out invoices; they are now sent to your clients with just one click! This saves on both time and paper, plus your clients can simply use their invoices to pay you online!


Everyone wonders what they can do to help the environment, cut down on waste, and contribute to saving our planet. The paperless office is one of the best ways of increasing both efficiency and security at your practice while also helping you in saving our natural resources! Try signing up for a free demo with Owl Practice today and see the difference that a paperless office can truly make to your practice!

As always,

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