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How to Improve Billing Efficiency

How to Improve Billing Efficiency

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What invoicing solution do you use at your practice?

Effectively running a mental health practice can be complicated. There are so many moving parts, and if a single one stops working correctly, it can result in chaos that will take days to set right. By far, one of the most critical parts of any practice is invoicing and billing. After all, that’s how you get the money you need to keep the practice running!

When we built our practice management solution, we did a massive amount of research into the many different ways that practices manage billing and invoicing their clients. We took that insight and used it to design the most accessible and straightforward billing system available for mental health practice today.

What Makes It So Easy?

Many invoicing programs require you to go in manually and input all of the data. Between the client contact information, billing info, and services rendered, inputting all of this data can eat up quite a bit of time. So, we took steps to simplify the entire process.

With Owl, we’ve tied your practice’s invoicing to marking attendance. That means as soon as you let Owl know that your client made it to the session, we automatically create an invoice for them. From that point, it’s only a matter of clicks to create a receipt.

Emailing Invoices from Owl

One of the best things about Owl Practice is how everything is integrated right into the user interface. You don’t need to go to a separate website or another service to get access to your invoices and receipts.

In fact, you can send your invoices to clients directly from Owl. It fully integrates with your email, so your invoices will arrive in your clients’ inboxes with the correct email and contact info attached.

But what if you have clients who prefer paper invoicing? No problem. Simply print off the invoice from inside Owl, and you’ll have a professional-looking, branded invoice ready to mail!

Makes Tricky Client Situations Easier

There are times when billing can become a bit trickier. If you see families or couples, who do you bill? What if you see a minor? Who gets charged in those situations? Owl Practice makes it easy.

Using our Circle of Care system, you can link the profiles of family members together. When it comes time for billing, it’s easy to default billing to a specific family member. The session for the entire family will be billed to them automatically after the session is completed.

Variable Fee Billing

There are times when you might be seeing a client on a sliding fee scale. Occasionally, mental health issues can impact income, so allowing for variable fees based on current income can greatly expand mental health access for countless vulnerable people. Using a standalone billing solution, this can be tricky to put into place, leading to occasional invoicing mistakes where the client is charged too much or too little. But it’s not a problem with Owl!

With Owl, it’s super easy to set up a sliding fee scale for any client. You only need to do it once to have Owl charge them the correct fee every time.

Make Tax Time Simple

If the idea of doing your business’ taxes puts you into a cold sweat, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences for any small business owner.

However, it’s much easier when you can do a custom data export for all of your invoices and receipts. Whether you do your taxes yourself or hire someone to do them for you, it makes getting access to vital information a snap. Tax time? No problem when you have Owl behind you!

These are just a few of the ways that Owl Practice can make invoicing your clients much more manageable. If you’d like to give our billing system (and everything else we offer) a try, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or book a demo today. If you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

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