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Join TherapyOwl Today: Canada's Fastest Growing Therapist Directory

Join TherapyOwl Today: Canada’s Fastest Growing Therapist Directory

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There are countless people in desperate need of mental health aid who don’t know how to find a therapist. They might try to go online but most information is decentralized and hard to sift through. Nowadays, there can also be a distinct lack of trust as to the content that comes up in a Google search. Finding a therapist may seem like so much work that people simply give up, and that’s tragic.

At Owl Practice, we saw this state of affairs and decided that we had the resources to help. And so, we started building TherapyOwl, an online directory of licensed mental health professionals. In only a few short months, TherapyOwl has exploded in popularity, becoming the fastest-growing mental health directory in Canada.

What Are the Advantages of Becoming A Member?

First off, you need to know that TherapyOwl is free to everyone. It’s free for mental health professionals to set up a profile, and it’s free to browse for people looking for a therapist. We wanted this to be an entirely free service to help those who need it most.

As a therapist, TherapyOwl gives you an incredible opportunity to connect with new clients without having to spend big money on digital marketing or other forms of advertising. We’ve established the marketing presence for you; TherapyOwl is optimized for Google, so we have an increasing number of prospective clients browsing the site every month who are looking for a new therapist.

How It Works

When someone visits TherapyOwl, all they have to do is enter their location, clinical issues, and client focus into the search bar on the main page. When they hit search, a list of mental health professionals in their area will pop up on the screen. Thanks to Google Maps integration, they can see precisely where these practices are in relation to their location.

Once they click on a mental health professional’s profile, they’ll be greeted with all of their contact information, a summary of their services, detailed data about their education and experience, and the types of clients and clinical issues they focus on. With this, they can choose a therapist who suits all of their needs, ensuring a much better fit than looking through traditional search engines and directories.

Creating a Profile

Creating a mental health professional profile is both easy AND free!

First, you put in your basic information, including your name, credentials, practice name, address, contact info, and website. From there, fill in your “About” section, where you describe the services you offer and how you help your clients. After that, put down your education, experience, associations, and relevant licenses, as well as your client focus and treatment types.

To give prospective clients a better feel for what you have to offer, you can also upload up to 12 images of you and your practice, highlighting your practice’s qualities.

Other Advantages

One of the best things about TherapyOwl is that you don’t need to be an Owl Practice member to take advantage. Anyone in the mental health field can create a free profile. This is incredibly advantageous for recent graduates who are just starting their own practices.

Once you’ve fully set up your profile, you’ll also have access to profile metrics. Here, you can see how many people have viewed your profile and clicked on the “Book Now” or “Email Now” buttons. If you aren’t getting as many clicks as you’d like, try tweaking your profile summary and photos. The detailed data you receive can help you finetune your approach, which might even assist with your other marketing avenues.

If you’d like to learn more about TherapyOwl, click here. We’ll show you how to create a free profile so you can see for yourself the advantages that TherapyOwl can offer you and your practice.

And if you’d like a free look at the mental health practice-enhancing services of Owl Practice, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or book a demo today. And if you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

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