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Make the Last Months of 2020 Your Most Organized Ever!

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Is it safe to say that we’re all looking for a little more control over our lives right now?

2020 started well, but since March, things have not entirely gone according to plan. Mental health professionals around the country had to completely change the way they handled appointments, going from in-person sessions to virtual video conferences.

Today, therapists and other mental health professionals are looking for ways to recover and get organized for the last few months of the year so they can end 2020 on a high note—and the best way to do this is to use some of Owl Practice’s most powerful organization features!

Revamp Your Booking System

More and more mental health clients are trying out Owl’s Video Therapy and are deciding they love it! Rather than spending time getting to their session, they can simply have their session in the comfort of their own home. And for therapists, this service dramatically cuts down on no-show appointments.

Another great way to improve session attendance is to allow your clients to book their own appointments. With Owl Practice, it’s easy! All your clients need to do is log onto your practice’s Owl web portal. Once there, your clients can see all of the appointment slots that are available and pick the one that works best for them. The booked session will automatically appear in your calendar.

By allowing your clients to book their own sessions, you’ll be saving time and keeping your schedule much more organized!

Invoicing and Billing

Having a billing system separate from your practice management system can be a significant headache. You want to be able to see all your financial records in one place. Does a client have an unpaid bill on their account? How much has your practice brought in this year? Will everything be ready for tax time? With Owl Practice, you can find all of this information on your Dashboard, which shows all of your key practice stats.

With Owl, beautiful, customized invoices will be sent to your clients automatically after their session. To receive payment, you can process their credit card seamlessly through Owl Practice using Stripe. Once you have your invoicing set up through Owl, you won’t need to worry about disorganized billing systems again!

Circle of Care

When was the last time that you organized all of the contacts on your phone?

Chances are that if you looked at the average person’s phone, their contacts would be loaded with incomplete information, duplicate entries, and inaccuracies. If you’re running a mental health practice, your contacts need to be incredibly organized, which is one reason we created our Circle of Care system.

Circle of Care allows you to organize all of your contacts and their information, specify relationship types between contacts, create linked accounts, select client’s “bill-to” and emergency contacts, and set up multiple appointment reminders. It’s incredibly easy to set up, and will keep all of your contacts organized like never before!

Clinical Records

Another place you need a tremendous level of organization is with your clinical records and notes. Owl Practice can help with that too!

Rather than storing all of your documents at your office—which can be dangerous and insecure—you can store them with Owl. Instead of rooting through files to look for the right document, you can perform a search from within Owl, and what you’re looking for will pop up quickly. Plus, you get unlimited document storage!

Best of all, all data stored on your Owl Practice account is protected by a very high level of security. Everything is kept on Canadian servers. We’re also fully PHIPA and College Compliant, and all data is encrypted.

Getting organized is one of the first steps of taking control of any situation. If you’ve been feeling adrift over the last few months, Owl Practice can help you regain control of your practice. With all of our practice management features, you can get your practice running like a well-oiled machine in no time!

If you’d like to experience what Owl Practice offers, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or a demo today. If you have any questions or comments about our services and video therapy tools, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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