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NEW: Manual Payment Allocation

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Hi everyone!

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Recording a payment just got easier!

We wanted to share a quick update about a feature that launched today!

As you may know, when a client has multiple unpaid sessions in Owl, and you Record a Payment, Owl automatically allocates the payment to the oldest session, because it assumes you want to pay that off first.

This works really well most of the time, but we’ve heard from some of you that it can get in the way when you need to allocate payment to a specific session rather than the oldest. Because we want to make Owl work for you, our new Manual Payment Allocation feature makes this easier!

How it works

When recording a payment, if a client has multiple unpaid sessions, you’ll now see a new “Allocate Manually” checkbox in the Record Payment window:

The new “Allocate Manually” checkbox!

If you select this checkbox, Owl will allow you to specify which sessions you’d like to pay, and exactly how much for each session:

Allocating per session.

Enter the total payment for each session, and we’ll handle the rest!

As you add amounts into the “Pay Now” column per session, the balance for that session will be reduced accordingly, and the total payment will be displayed.

Manual Payment Allocation makes managing your client payments easier, especially when a client wants to pay  for a specific session (or sessions). It will also help if you’re working with third-party and co-payments, since you can now allocation partial payments to multiple sessions at once!

This feature is now available on everyone’s account! Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Practice Wisely!


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