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Mindfulness & Productivity During the Summer Time

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Do you remember your summers as a child?

Nothing was more exciting than when summer vacation hit. No more teachers, no more books… You were free to do whatever you wanted! You could spend time with your friends, play sports, dive into video games… It was utter freedom.

Today, well, not so much. As adults, we have jobs—or in your case as a therapist, you have your private practice to worry about. Sure, you can go on a brief summer vacation, but for the most part, your summer is spent doing what you do the rest of the year: work. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Summer is a season, but summer time is a state of mind. Wouldn’t it be great to recapture that sense of freedom and wonder that you had as a child, while still being able to maintain the level of productivity required of you as an adult? It’s possible with a little bit of mindfulness!

Mindfulness in the Summer

Mindfulness is a state of being aware of your thought patterns, habits, and actions, so that you stay present in the moment rather than reflecting on the past or projecting into the future. It’s likely a principle that you speak with your clients about, but is it something that you practice yourself?

Incorporating mindfulness into your day-to-day life can help with stress, making you actively more productive in the long-run. If you’ve suggested mindfulness as a strategy for your patients, shouldn’t you follow your own advice?

Most importantly, when you practice mindfulness during the summer, it helps the season to feel less fleeting and more satisfying so that you carry the sense of summer time with you all through the year. When you adopt mindfulness practices, you can have a more fulfilling summer that will stay with you all through the year.

Schedule Your Mindfulness

When you book time in your schedule for mindfulness and summer activities, you won’t feel quite as pressured to do the things that are “more important” first. If you use Owl Practice, you know the power of our scheduling tools. You can see your entire day laid out in front of you, giving you a sense of what it is you need to accomplish for the day. That said, when you look at your packed schedule, plans for mindfulness can go out the window as you consider how you can get everything done in time. So, what’s the solution? Actually schedule your periods of mindfulness!

No matter how you practice mindfulness, putting periods of it into your schedule is the best way to make sure it actually happens. If you want to meditate during the day to recentre yourself, make sure you have a half-hour booked for it. Better yet, set some time in your schedule to go outside to the park and meditate or breathe deeply this summer. Notice the beauty of the season around you; green foliage, flowers in bloom, warm temperatures, the way the sun feels on your skin, and the way a breeze can feel so refreshing. Schedule yourself a walk in the afternoon to explore your practice’s neighbourhood and notice the details of how people and objects look and behave differently in July and August.

At the office, remember to set reminders so you won’t miss the precious little periods that summer time mindfulness can offer. Leave the blinds open so the natural sunlight comes in. Perhaps crack the window so the breeze reaches you indoors. Some people write a little sticky note to put on the side of their computer monitor, or they include a plant or beautiful ornament in their office that they associate with mindfulness so that every time it comes into view, it works as a reminder to be mindful.

Take Advantage of Summer Activities

Seize the day! There are some things that you can only do during the summer. You’re unlikely to head to the beach in the middle of January. The water at the cottage probably isn’t going to be too warm in the depths of December. If you have activities that you love to do during the summer, take advantage of them now. There’s a literal ticking clock on the period that you can enjoy them and, after it goes off, you’ll have to wait until next year.

Enjoying summer activities is important for your own mental health as a therapist so don’t postpone your summer activities too long. Plan them and make sure you don’t miss out while summer is here.

Get Up Early

One of the greatest benefits of summer is that there are more hours of daylight. Why not get up a little earlier to appreciate one of the primary benefits of the season? In the winter, you often get up in the dark and you head back home in the dark. But in the summer time, you can actually wake up with the sun!

A morning walk before you have to get your day started can greatly reduce any anxiety you feel about your day. If you want to take some time to simply breathe outside, the morning will be cooler than the rest of the day and perfect for meditation. With the right mindset, the summer can feel like you’ve earned “bonus hours” of sunshine. So take advantage of them!

Take Your Work With You

Being stuck inside during beautiful weather frankly stinks, no matter how old you are. But what choice do you have? All of your files and information is at the office… It isn’t like you could just take off for a few days of vacation, letting everything fall apart without you! Well not to worry, this isn’t 1999. Now you CAN take time away from the office and still access your practice with nothing more than a secure internet connection and a mobile device.

With Owl Practice, every single aspect of your business is available from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can check schedules, access patient records, send out invoices… Anything that you can do using Owl Practice from the office, you can do remotely, so long as you have a wireless connection. Owl Practice allows you to take the time off you need to rest and enjoy the season, while also giving you the tools you need to be productive. It’s the perfect arrangement!

The summer should be enjoyed, no matter what age you are. Rediscovering how to rest, practice mindfulness, and soak up the warm weather, while still “adulting” at your practice is completely possible if you have the right tools. If you would like to see how Owl Practice can help you maintain productivity while also taking advantage of summer, we invite you to sign up for a free demo. Owl Practice can completely change the way that you manage your practice. If you have any questions about our services, we invite you to contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

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