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Modernizing Your Private Practice

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2020 has been a BIG year for innovation!

Over the last year, the workplace has changed in significant ways. Many people are now working remotely at home, video conferencing is on the rise, and more business gets done online than ever.

Thankfully, many of the most popular features Owl Practice offers made this transition much easier for countless mental health professionals across the country. From our cutting-edge Video Therapy features to our unparalleled digital security to our “work-from-anywhere” web portal, Owl Practice has all of the features that a modern private practice needs to be successful today!

Video Therapy

The rise of video therapy has probably been one of the most game-changing innovations in mental health of the last decade.

We were working on our Video Therapy features before the pandemic hit, as we knew how at-home therapy could help mental health practitioners reach out to vulnerable people. But we couldn’t have foreseen just how necessary video therapy would become in a world with everyone stuck at home!

Now that the lockdowns have mostly ended, people are free to have in-person sessions again—but that doesn’t mean video therapy isn’t a fantastic alternative for many people! If someone is particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, they might prefer to limit any potential exposures and have their sessions online. If you’re working with someone with a physical disability, then video therapy could offer an excellent alternative to in-office visits. And if someone calls just after their appointment was supposed to start to tell you they forgot about it, no worries! They can log onto your Client Portal and have a virtual session.

The bottom line is that Owl’s Video Therapy is a modern mental health tool that’s here to stay!

Going Paperless

People have been pushing the concept of the paperless office ever since the 1980s. But it’s only been recent that going entirely paper-free has been a viable option for document-heavy businesses like mental health practices.

Therapists and other mental health professionals are known for writing their thoughts down in notebooks, but that can result in a lot of disorganized information. If you’re looking for a particular thought from a previous session, you need to go through several pages to find it.

Fortunately, Owl Practice has you covered when it comes to your clinical notes! Not only do we offer unparalleled support for handwritten notes on a tablet, but all of that information is securely stored in each client’s profile. If you need a specific piece of information, you only need to run a search for it.

Best of all, we keep every piece of information stored with Owl Practice on our secure Canadian servers. That means you’re 100% protected by Canadian privacy laws.

Remote Working

Working from home has become very common this past year. While many businesses struggled early this year to put remote working solutions into practice, Owl Practice was already ahead of the game.

As long as you have a wireless-compatible device and a network connection, you will have full access to every feature Owl Practice offers. That includes all of your client notes, our Circle of Care system, invoicing, calendars, and much more. If you’re stuck working from home for an afternoon, just log into your laptop and you can do your work as effectively as if you were at your practice!

And here’s a thought for when we’re finally able to travel again: With Owl, your documents are stored remotely, so that means your privacy can’t be compromised when you’re going through customs in another country. If a customs agent asks you to unlock your devices, none of your clients’ information will be available to them.

Appointment Booking

Speaking of doing things remotely, do you ever think about how great it would be if your clients could book their own appointments? You wouldn’t have to raise a finger or field a phone call—your clients could just pick the best time for themselves.

With Owl Practice, that’s more than possible! All someone needs to do is log into your client portal. Once there, they’ll see every session slot available, then pick the slot that best suits them. This is not only more convenient, but it also helps cut down on missed appointments and no-shows—after all, when your clients book their sessions themselves, they’re less likely to miss them! And to ensure that your clients do show up, you can send them automatic appointment reminders at set times.

These are just a few of the modern features that Owl Practice can offer your private practice. But we aren’t sitting on our hands here—we’re always working to develop new features and services to help you manage and grow your practice. Just wait and see what we have in store for 2021!

If you’d like to experience what Owl Practice offers, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or a demo today. If you have any questions or comments about our services and Video Therapy tools, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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