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NEW: Better Notes, New Calendar & Faster Loads

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This weekend we will be rolling out upgrades to the Owl platform, and we wanted to give you a heads-up that this will be happening. We expect these changes to go live sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday around noon.


Here are the key improvements you’ll see with this release:

  • SPELL CHECK FOR NOTES – This has been a much-requested feature, and we’re happy to say that it’s coming this weekend!
  • BETTER NOTE EDITING – Our new formatting and styling toolbar will let you customize your notes more easily. Also, you can now save notes using the CTRL-S keystroke to save you time!
  • IMPROVED NOTE PDFs – Now when you print or pdf a session note, you’ll see your practice logo and details, and related session information in the note header.
  • FASTER PAYMENT RECORDING – Now when you Record Payment, the Unpaid Amount is automatically entered in the Amount Paid box, saving you that step.
  • FASTER PAGE LOADS – We’ve re-written Owl’s front-end code so that pages load much quicker and toggling between tabs on a page is instantaneous. You’ll also notice progress bars and “spinners” letting you know when a page is loading.
  • IMPROVED CALENDAR LAYOUT – We’ve upgraded the Calendar layout to make it easier to read and navigate.

In addition, we’ve done some significant upgrading to the Owl Practice code base by implementing some leading edge frameworks (sorry for the tech-speak). The upshot is that this will enable us to develop new features more quickly going forward.


Up next are Improved Data Exports, Document Uploads, and Personal Appointments.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think!

Practice Wisely!


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