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NEW: Design Update & Auto-Invoicing

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This weekend we will be launching a new design and some new features for Owl Practice!

When you log in on Monday morning, you’ll notice some visual updates to the Owl experience. We hope you like the new design! In addition, we’ve worked on some new features, based on your feedback, to help make Owl better.


Here are the key feature enhancements we’re launching for Owl with this release:

  • AUTO-INVOICING – For those of you that don’t use invoices with your clients, this feature is for you! With Auto-Invoicing enabled, each time you Mark Attendance, an invoice is generated invisibly in the client’s profile without you needing to do anything! You can go straight from Marking Attendance to Recording Payment, saving you a step. To turn Auto-Invoicing on, head to Settings/Practice Details and set Auto-Invoicing to “Yes” (make sure to hit Save).
  • OWL FOR TABLETS & SMARTPHONES – Owl is now available when you’re on the go! We’ve improved Owl’s performance on tablets (iPad specifically) and enabled a first version of Owl for your smartphone (it’s read-only for now, but we’ll be improving it over time). Access Owl through Chrome or Safari on your tablet or smartphone to check it out!
  • UPDATED DESIGN – We’ve improved the general look-and-feel of Owl, and changed the appointment text colour in Calendar to make it easier to read
  • MANY SMALL FIXES – We’ve fixed a number of things in Owl including getting Remember Me working on the login page, and making Record Payment easier (no more backspacing over the $0.00 and eliminating the annoying payment confirmation step!)
  • GROUP EDITION – We’ve updated therapist colours in the Calendar, and removed Revenue and Average Fee charts in Dashboard for Therapist user types


We’re working on a lot of new developments for Owl that we’ll be releasing in the coming weeks and months, prioritized based on the feedback you provided. Up next are Personal Appointments, Notes Enhancements, Improved Data Exports, and Document Uploads.

As with any new feature release or update, we welcome (and want!) your feedback. Please let us know what you think of the new features and design!

Have a great weekend.

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