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Attention Students & New Grads! - New Graduate Program

Attention Students & New Grads!

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How excited are you to finally be graduating university?

Your first year out of school can be one of the scariest and most exciting of your life. You’ve probably been going to school every single year since you were five years old. Every September, you knew exactly what was going to happen; there was always going to be a first day of school. Then, all of a sudden, you graduate and for the first time in your life, you have no idea what’s going to come next!

Well, congratulations because what comes next is your career, which in the field of mental health we’re sure will be incredibly rewarding. Now that you’re setting out on your own, what should be your first step?

Setting up systems for a career in mental health can be tricky, as there are so many different programs out there that cater to “generalist” small businesses, like invoicing software, note keeping software, etc. But there’s one service that caters specifically to Canadian therapists, psychologists, and social workers, combining all of these elements and more. It’s a comprehensive service that acts as your complete practice management solution and it’s exactly what you need to start your career in the field of mental health. That solution is Owl Practice and as a new graduate, we’re proud to offer you a special program to get you started on your career path and beyond!

New Graduate Program Details

  • Access to the Full-Time Solo Edition of Owl Practice with Online Booking (Value = $80 per month) for only $20 per month for six months. Savings of $360!
  • Eligibility – Program participation must commence during a course of therapeutic study OR within 6 months of graduation.
  • Offer expires after six months OR upon licensure, whichever comes first.
  • Offer not available to licensed professionals.

Owl Practice was created for one simple reason: to make things easier for mental health professionals like psychologists, social workers, and therapists. We wanted to be able to offer our services to anyone who worked in the mental health profession, no matter what the size of their practice. So, we’ve priced our services very competitively at only $80 a month. That’s super-affordable to most practices, but can still be out of reach for students and new graduates.

That’s why we decided to drop the price for our Solo edition to only $20 a month for current and newly graduated students. That’s a huge savings of over $360! With Owl Practice, you can start your career as a mental health professional off on the right foot, with all of these features available to you:

Access Owl Practice From Anywhere

As a newly minted mental health professional, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a permanent office. This makes it extra important that you’re able to access all of your important information whenever you need and wherever you are.

With Owl Practice, your entire practice is at your fingertips. Just take out your smartphone, login, and you’ll have access to all of our services: invoicing, appointments, client databases… So long as you have an internet connection, your office will be wherever you are! We offer both iOS and Android apps, and you can also get access straight from your computer’s web browser.

Complete PHI Compliance

It’s critical to our clients that Owl Practice is 100% PHI compliant. Every province has slightly different regulations about personal health records, but they all have very similar requirements about their electronic record management. We’ve worked intimately with mental health professionals all over the country to build a system that complies with local provincial legislations, like Ontario’s PHIPA. We’re serious about how we handle you and your clients’ personal health information.

Secure Canadian Servers

With massive data beaches and compromised data occurring every day, mental health professionals need to be sure that any confidential information is safe and secure. That’s what Owl Practice offers you. All of our servers are located in Canada (Toronto and Montreal) and are protected by Canadian privacy laws, out of the potential reach of any foreign entities. We use a combination of SQL and MongoDB databases to secure all data in a secure reliable fashion. Our database is also continuously backed up, so there’s no chance that any of your data will be lost in the event of an emergency.


Invoicing clients can be cumbersome. Trying to keep invoices and clients straight is made far easier with Owl Practice. You can send your clients invoices directly from the app, and they’re all tracked in our balance owing management system until they’re paid in full.

Online Appointment Management

As a recent grad, chances are you won’t be hiring an assistant to handle your calls. However, the last thing you want is for your clients to call you directly every time they need to book an appointment. It’s just not an effective use of your time to be playing phone tag for this kind of scheduling. Owl has the perfect solution with online bookings. Your clients can simply login to Owl Practice to book and manage their own appointments online.

Client Database

As a mental health professional, it’s vital that you’re able to build up a database of your clients, with the ability to make notes and store documents. With Owl Practice, we’ve made it easy to compile all of your contact details, notes, to-do lists, and billing information. It’s all safely stored in one place.

Get Started With Owl Practice Today!

We know that you’re eager to get your career launched, so we want to make it even easier for you. You can sign up for a free demo of Owl Practice today to view our user friendly interface and to get a sense of the robust services that Owl can provide you as a new mental health professional. With the right tools, there will be nothing standing in the way of your goals to build your own successful practice!

As always,

Practice Wisely


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