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NEW: Group Edition for Multi-Clinician Practices!

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Running a group practice is challenging work that requires organization, streamlined processes, and easily accessible records.  I know from first-hand experience helping my partner grow her psychology practice from a small, part-time endeavour into a thriving multi-clinician practice.

Based on the overwhelming response we’ve had to our first product, Owl Practice Solo Edition, we’ve now launched a new Group Edition.  In addition to all the great things that Owl Practice does for every practice, here are some features that really help a group practice run effectively:

  • Multi-clinician, colour-coded calendar
  • Tailored access to Owl based on user type (i.e. owner, therapist, admin)
  • Therapist-level fee schedule (different rates for different types of therapists)
  • Month-to-month, affordable pricing that can change anytime as your practice grows
  • Servers exclusively in Canada to enable PHIPA compliance
  • Free office manager/admin users!

There are three easy ways to learn more about Owl Practice Group Edition today:

  • Take a tour of Owl’s key features
  • Sign up for a free 14-day trial
  • Reply to this email to set up a personalized live demo of Owl’s Group Edition

And if you’d simply like to talk with someone about how to make your practice more successful, just reply to this email and let us know.  We’re here to help!

Practice wisely!

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