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NEW: Group Edition Updates

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We wanted to let you know about some upgrades we’ve made to the Group Edition of Owl.


We’ve made some much-asked-for improvements to the Calendar for multi-clinician practices.  Specifically, here’s what’s been updated:

  • FOR OWNERS:  As an Owner, you’ll still be able to see all therapist calendars for your practice, but we’ve defaulted your view so you see only your calendar, and can then choose to see other therapists’ calendars as needed.
  • FOR THERAPISTS:  Therapists will now be able to see other therapists anonymized calendars in Owl as needed using our “Other Therapist Calendars” feature.   We heard from you that this was important as therapists need to share rooms and consult with one another, so knowing who’s in the office when is useful.  Importantly, while one therapist can see that another is booked for a client or personal appointment, no client-specific details are shared (excepting the case of a supervisory relationship in which case all client details are available to the supervisor).
  • INACTIVE THERAPISTS:  Now in the Owl Calendar, only therapists with appointments scheduled during the viewed timeframe (say a week) will be displayed.  If a therapist has left your practice, or if someone’s on vacation and has no appointments scheduled that week, their name will not be displayed for that time period.  This helps clean up and simplify the Calendar.


We’ve also made it much easier to manage the settings related to the therapists working on your team.  Specifically, three things have improved:

  • THERAPIST NAMES ON INVOICES & RECEIPTS:  We’ve made it easier to configure which therapists’ names show up on invoices and receipts.  Head to SETTINGS/THERAPIST DETAILS to use the new checkbox configuration to select whether a therapist, their supervisor, or both show up on invoices and receipts.
  • MULTI-THERAPIST INVOICES & RECEIPTS:  Also, if an invoice or receipt contains sessions for two different therapists, both therapist names will now be displayed on associated invoices and receipts (as per the configuration you’ve set up for each therapist).
  • DELETING THERAPISTS:  If a therapist leaves your practice, you can now set them as Inactive so they no longer show up in the drop-down menu when setting the Primary Therapist for a client, or when scheduling appointments.  Owl retains a copy of this Therapist profile in your database for historical purposes, and it is also possible to “reactive” such a therapist if they return to your practice.

As always, we welcome your feedback on these new product improvements.

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Practice wisely!


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