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NEW: New Reminder Macros & More

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You’ve told us you love Owl Reminders and that they’re very useful to your clients and help you reduce No Shows. We’ve also heard about some enhancements you’d like for reminders, and we’re happy to announce they’re now here!

Now in Owl Reminders, we’ve created three new macros to help you insert even more dynamic information into your appointment reminders for clients. These include:

  • Therapist Name – _THERAPIST-NAME_
  • Therapist Email – _THERAPIST-EMAIL_
  • Room Name – _ROOM-NAME_

These three macro additions have been much requested, particularly for multi-clinician practices where knowing details about a specific therapist and room for an appointment are critical.

You can start using these today to share the details you need with your clients. Just head to SETTINGS / REMINDERS to update your reminders.


We’ve also been hard at working making a lot of small, but important changes to Owl based on feedback you’ve shared. We won’t list them all here, but hopefully you’ve noticed things working even better this year based on these updates.

One of these changes has been a user interface update to the Settings page. You’ll notice much-improved navigation through SETTINGS on the left-hand side. It was in need of some reworking, so we’re happy to have a much-improved and speedier version for you now.


Let us know what you think of these new changes. We hope you like them!

Practice wisely!

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