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NEW: Non-calendar Charges & More

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We're launching some new features for Owl later tonight that we wanted to share with you.  

Here's what's new and improved:

  • NON-CALENDAR CHARGES – From time to time in your practice, you may want to bill for things that aren't connected to your calendar (e.g. Report Writing).  Now you can!  Add these charges from the "Other Charges" tab in a client's profile.  They're billed just like regular sessions and show up on invoices and receipts the same way too.
  • LINKING UPLOADED FILES TO NOTES – Now in Owl, you can associate an uploaded document with a session note.  For example, you may have a hand-written note that you don't care to transcribe, but that you've taken a picture of and uploaded to Owl.  Using this new feature you can simply link the uploaded picture of the note from the note window for that session and you're done!
  • YEAR-AT-A-GLANCE – A new table at the top of the Dashboard area now shows you the totals for your sessions and revenue by month, helping you track your practice performance even better.
  • CALENDAR START TIME – Right now, your calendar automatically starts your day at 8 a.m.  While this works for most people, it doesn't for others.  Now you can set the anchor time for your calendar to whatever you'd like.  To do this, head to SETTINGS / PRACTICE DETAILS and look for the Calendar Start Time option. 

As always, we welcome your feedback on these new product improvements.  Please let us know how they work for you!

Practice Wisely!

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