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NEW: Notes Signatures

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We’re launching a new Notes Signatures feature later tonight and wanted to let you know you’ll see it starting tomorrow morning in Owl.

Now once you’ve completed an Owl Note, you can “sign” the note digitally!

Here’s how you set up your signature and start signing your notes:

  1. UPLOAD YOUR SIGNATURE – Take a picture of your signature, and upload it into your therapist profile in SETTINGS / THERAPIST DETAILS.
  2. SIGN YOUR NOTE – Once you’re ready to sign your note, click on the SIGN NOTE button on the left-hand side of your Note.  Your signature, typed-out name and credentials, and the signature date will then appear on the Note.

That’s it!

We do plan on enhancing Notes Signatures in the coming months to enable Supervisor Signatures for the Group Edition product.

As always, we welcome your feedback on our new features.  Please let us know how they work for you!

Practice Wisely!

P.S.  We’ll be at the OPA Innovation Summit this Friday, October 16 in Toronto, so if you happen to be there, feel free to stop by our booth and say Hi!              

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