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NEW: A Redesigned Owl Practice, Circle of Care, Customized Discounts, Tax Integration, and More!

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We are excited to announce the launch of the new Owl Practice, which will be released to users the week of July 10, 2017. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard on a completely  redesigned Owl Practice. There are updates you cannot see  – new technologies have been implemented that speed up responsiveness and make future development far easier, but the most exciting is what you do see! Your Owl experience has been rebuilt from top to bottom for ease of use and functionality. This means we’ve rebuilt almost everything! Not only did we update Owl’s design, we also built some of your most highly requested features.


Watch Video Tutorials for Every Feature

For a full walk through of all of the new elements of Owl Practice, please view our playlist of recorded videos here. These videos contain how to’s, useful tips, and an explanation of how to transition easily to the new Owl Practice.

To the good part: what’s new?

Design Update

Owl Practice has been fully redesigned. We hope you find that the new design is more intuitive and easier to use! Here are a few major updates you will notice:

  • all lists are filterable.
  • the client’s profile has been reorganized
  • the Dashboard is interactive
  • we have re-approached the logic for supervisor and multi-therapist signatures & notes
  • there’s a lot more!

Circle of Care

The Circle of Care is one of the biggest enhancements. We’ve folded the Alternate Contact and the Linked Accounts features into a single  dynamic contact system, Circle of Care, with relationships determined for both linked clients and non-clients. This also includes the ability to send notifications to the Circle of Care members for the client’s appointments, and Linked Account attendees.

Multiple Reminders

Send appointment reminders to multiple contacts. Any Alternate Contact or Linked Account can be set to receive their own reminder about your client’s appointments. This has been highly requested by those therapists who see minors, but will also be useful for any multiple attendee sessions.

Learn more about Circle of Care and Multiple Reminders in our FAQ post

Customized Discounts

Set up a custom discounts for each client, on a service by service basis. We call these Service Fee Discounts. You can set up a generic discount for the client, or specify that they will only receive a discount on a particular service.

Setting up your customized discounts is easy! Read through our FAQ post for a full set of instructions. 

Tax Integration

If there was one standout feature as we designed this update to Owl Practice, it was the inclusion of taxes. This has been highly requested by many of you, and we are excited to announce that taxes are here! You will be able to set up taxes on a service by service basis, meaning if you are required to tax some services and not others Owl will allow you to do that. 

Taxes are simple to set up – you will just need to add them existing services, or create new services with them. You can have no tax, your regional tax, or any tax rate for each service. You can do that under your Settings, but we have a helpful walk through for you here as well.

Mobile Optimization

We’ve changed our mobile design, making your mobile experience even easier! Included in this is Smart Phone Numbers. When using Owl on your mobile phone, call your clients by clicking on their phone numbers under Contact & Clinical.

Notes, Invoices, and Receipts on the Calendar

The Calendar has always been used to book sessions and mark attendance, but you can now work on session notes, create invoices and record payments without leaving the Calendar! Click once on the session to open these actions.

We hope you like the new design of Owl Practice and the new features! We are excited to hear your feedback, so please contact us and let us know what you think.

Practice Wisely!


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