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NEW: Service Discounts

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Before our newest update, you could provide discounts to your clients in one of two ways:

  • Setting up a discounted Service in your Services and Fees, or
  • Changing the Amount Charged on the Calendar session.

When designing REACT Owl, we listened to your feedback that the above options were not reliable or inclusive enough for daily use in your practice, so we created a brand new feature: Service Discounts! Service Discounts will launch the week of July 10, 2017!

Under Contact & Clinical, you will see a new section called Service Discounts. Set client-level sliding scales globally, but also for specific services (which means that a client can be charged 75% of standard fee globally, except for one service which they pay 100%).

There are two ways to manage Service Fee Discounts:

Global Discounts:

A universal discount that you apply to all session types for a client.

Session Type Discount:

Instead of offering a Global discount, get specific! Session Type Discounts allow you to only offer a discount on a specific type of session for a client.

To learn how to set these up in detail, be sure to head to our FAQ page

Once you start using these, you will find that you will rarely need to use the “Amount Charged” section when scheduling Calendar appointments.

For a full demonstration and walkthrough of Service Discounts, follow along with Customer Advocate Steve in this video

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Practice Wisely!

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