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NEW: Supervisor Signatures

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Owl does a lot of things well, and one of the most important is how we handle Supervisors.

If you are a Solo therapist still working under supervision, or a Group Edition practitioner who needs to keep an eye on one of your junior therapists as a supervisee, Owl has always been able to give you granulated, easy access to track that information.

And now, we’ve made it more robust! To bring you that extra level of accountability, we’ve recently rolled our Supervisor Signatures to all practices.

What are Supervisor Signatures?

Let’s say you’ve finished a session note. In most cases, there are no problems with you clicking the “Sign Now” button and finishing the note off.

However, you’re a therapist under supervision. In this case, it may be required of you to have your supervisor sign the note as well. While we’d indicate on the session note that you were supervised, and the printed note includes the name of the supervisor (much like on invoices and receipts), there was no easy way to track supervisors approving your session and clinical notes.

Supervisor Signatures is an extra stage of accountability for session notes. When you sign the note, it moves to an “In Review” state, preventing the note from being completely closed until your supervisor has looked it over and marked it approved with their own signature.

Supervisor Signatures are available for every account!

To use this feature, and all Supervisor tools, simply make sure you have your supervisor set on your Therapist Details.

If you’re a Solo Edition user who wants to start including their supervisor in their practice, let us know and we’ll help you set them up! Remember: Supervisor access to a Solo Edition comes at no extra charge!

Finally, if you’re in a new private practice and would like to take advantage of all of Owl’s features, contact us now for a free demonstration!


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