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How Online Booking and the Client Portal Can Help your Practice

How Online Booking and the Client Portal Can Help your Practice

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If you add it all up, how much time do you spend on administration?

We’re not talking about while you’re in a session or writing your notes afterward. It’s the time you spend arranging the next appointment or attempting to get your client to fill out all the necessary intake forms. This kind of administrative work takes up a lot of time and energy that really adds up over time! That time could be better spent elsewhere.
But, administration is a necessary part of being a therapist, right? You either need to handle all of the administrative client stuff yourself or hire a full-time receptionist to handle it for you… Don’t you? Not so! Instead, you can start using the Client Portal feature with Owl Practice!

Client Portal

Owl Practice offers practice management tools that can make the administrative process much more efficient. We also offer a number of client tools that will allow your clients to better handle their own affairs, without you having to step in and do it for them. Consider the benefits of our secure online booking and online intake forms:

Online Booking

Booking an appointment with a client can be a hassle. You’re often doing it at the end of your session, eating up valuable time they may be paying for. You’re both likely in a rush and this could lead to a mistake or a double booking, which would result in an cancellation or no show. Another possibility is that you end up playing telephone tag. And hey, there’s always email! You could fire off email after email, trying to figure out the best possible time for an appointment while your inbox fills up. It’s just not efficient. So why not just let the client take care of it?

Once your client logs into their Client Portal, they’ll have access to online booking. Here, they can book and manage their own appointments. If they want an appointment in a few weeks, they can simply log in, see the times you’re available, and book a spot. If they need to cancel, they can log back in and delete the appointment, freeing that time slot automatically in your calendar.

The interface is clean and simple and, by taking the process of booking appointments into their own hands, clients may feel like they’re taking a more active role in their own therapy. The system will even send them appointment confirmations to their email to make sure they never miss a session!

Online Intake Forms

Paperwork can be a huge pain for both you and your clients. It’s just a hassle. No one likes to spend the time filling out intake and consent forms; they’re boring, they can be complicated, and they often put you in the position of having to be the “bad guy”, constantly reminding your clients that their intake and consent forms need to be filed. Owl Practice’s Client Portal takes care of this by streamlining the entire intake process, allowing your clients to simply log in and fill their forms out online.

As every practice is a little bit different, so will every intake and consent form be. Owl Practice gives you unparalleled customizability with your forms, allowing you to choose whatever fields you think are necessary. If you need a change to the forms in the future, you just log in and make them instantly in minutes!

Like all features with Owl Practice, online intake forms are mobile-friendly. They can be completed anywhere, all that’s required is an internet connection. Since everything is done online, your intake process will become completely paperless, which is great for the environment and a fabulous way to cut down on office clutter.

On the back end, Owl Practice will track the progress of unfinished forms, telling you where your client is in the process and sending you a notification when they’re finally complete. You also don’t have to worry about constantly badgering your clients, since Owl Practice will send helpful emails reminding them that their intake and consent forms are still unfinished.

Secure and Confidential

One thing that Owl Practice is known for is our security precautions. We understand the important and sensitivity of the information of a mental health practice, which is why we’re so dedicated to protecting it.

As our servers are in Canada, you’re fully protected by Canadian privacy laws, which are some of the strongest in the world. We comply with Personal Health Information regulations (PHI) in all provinces, and we make sure that all of your data is protected with bank-level encryption.

All of these security features also apply to your clients when they log into their client portal. They can be sure that all of the personal data they’re filling out the intake and consent forms will be safe and secure, with you being the only one who can access it. For clients who might be understandably concerned about their personal health information, this is very comforting.

At Owl Practice, we aren’t just trying to make things easier for you, we’re also working to make things easier for your clients! Although the Online Booking and Online Intake and Consent Forms aren’t available in the standard Owl Practice plans, they can be added with an easy upgrade. If you’d like to discover everything that Owl Practice can do, we invite you to sign up for a free demo, and if you have any questions or comments about our services, we invite you to contact us at

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