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How Owl Practice Helps Students & New Grads

How Owl Practice Helps Students & New Grads

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As a student, you have the advantage of accessing all of the resources and systems available to you at school. From online portals for your scheduling needs to having quiet places to work/study to the help of your professors, the foundations for academic success are always in place.

One of the most exciting things about graduating and starting your professional career is that you get to be completely autonomous. It’s up to you to make your own schedule, find an office, and research your own questions. However, this autonomy can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re used to the support systems of school.

So, your first step as a new graduate should be to set yourself up with support systems that will help you structure your new mental health practice and manage your daily workload and appointments. And as a mental health professional, the best support you can get is Owl Practice.

What Can Owl Practice Offer Me?

Owl Practice is specifically designed to support mental health professionals, whether you already have an established practice or you’re just about to graduate school.

For example, Owl Practice is 100% PHIPA compliant. Security is paramount when it comes to the confidentiality of clients’ personal health information. Unlike with many other online practice management and scheduling systems, you can be sure that all personal data will be protected (and regularly backed up) on private Canadian servers.

Owl Practice also helps you build your client database by easily creating client profiles where you can store personal contact information, emergency contacts, clinical notes, documents, billing information, and anything else you may need for their treatment. Owl Practice’s Circle of Care system even allows you to link profiles together to see your clients’ family and medical relationships in one place.

Another advantage of using Owl Practice is the simplicity of invoicing. With Owl Practice, you can send client invoices right from the same system where you manage the rest of your practice. Then, those invoices are automatically tracked to make sure your clients are paid in full with all of the information you need to be ready for tax season.

These are just a few benefits of Owl Practice. Other services include secure online messaging with clients, multiple location support, and customizable digital intake and consent forms. Owl Practice also updates with new features all the time, making sure that every mental health professional will have the support they need to run their practice and serve their patients.

Is It Affordable?

For most new grads, their biggest concern is money, especially for those who’ve taken out student loans. Thankfully, Owl Practice is affordable even for a freshly-minted grad with this special promotion:

Typically, access to the Premium Edition of Owl Practice is $80/month. But for new grads, it’s only $20/month for six months. That will save you $360. This special pricing can really help new grads during those first few months of building your practice.

What’s more, you aren’t getting a “budget” package or limited access; you’re getting the full Owl Practice experience. Everything in the Owl Practice Premium Edition is yours to use. It’s the perfect way to set up systems that will support you throughout your professional career.

You’re eligible for this program if you’re doing a course of therapeutic study or are within six months of your graduation. (Please note that this offer is only for unlicensed mental health professionals. It will expire after six months, or upon licensure, whichever comes first.)

If you’re worried about being organized and staying on track once you leave school, Owl Practice is the perfect solution. You can set up support systems that will make running a brand-new small practice exponentially easier. On top of all that, Owl Practice’s graduate pricing makes it affordable for any new grad!

If you want to experience what Owl Practice has to offer first, sign up for a free demo. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at

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