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Confidentiality and Your Calendar: DO’S and DON’TS

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One of the biggest challenges of private practice ownership is balancing the many demands on your time. Whether it’s client appointments, office administration, supervisory responsibilities, or just managing the “everything else” category in your practice and your life, your ability to manage your time and workflow is of the utmost importance. Having a great online calendar can make all of the ...

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NEW: Design Update for Owl

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Today we’ve released a major design update for Owl Practice that we wanted you to know about. Specifically, we’ve redesigned the entire front-end experience of Owl so it looks better, works seamlessly across browsers, and is a much-improved experience when using Owl from your smartphone. We hope you like the new design, and find that it makes using Owl even ...

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NEW: External Calendar Integration has arrived!

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With the summer in full swing, we wanted to highlight our next release! This much-requested feature should help you schedule sessions around all of your busy summer events: External Calendar Integration!  We wanted to share the news with you and give you a few pointers on how to give it a try. What Is External Calendar Integration? External Calendar Integration allows you ...

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7 Reasons to Digitize Practice Paperwork

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Paperwork. It’s the necessary, but burdensome, by-product of private therapy practice. Almost every therapist we speak with imagines a world where all his or her documents are digital and available at the click of a button. Luckily, in today’s online environment, it has never been easier to get there! Practices all over Canada are discovering that they have every reason to ...

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NEW: Supervisor Signatures

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Owl does a lot of things well, and one of the most important is how we handle Supervisors. If you are a Solo therapist still working under supervision, or a Group Edition practitioner who needs to keep an eye on one of your junior therapists as a supervisee, Owl has always been able to give you granulated, easy access to track that ...

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