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Only at Owl

Only at Owl!

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Have you heard about Owl Practice, the practice management solution for therapists, psychologists, and social workers and wondered what makes it so special? Good question! There are some other services out there who offer some of the functionality of Owl Practice but none of them are quite like Owl. So what makes us different? Why should you place your practice’s ...

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Owl Practice Celebrates World Mental Health Day

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Are you aware that World Mental Health Day is coming up on Wednesday, October 10th? One of the biggest struggles for people with mental illness is dealing with the stigma that’s attached to it. Although acceptance of mental illness has grown over the last few decades, there’s still a long way to go before it’s widely recognized as a legitimate ...

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Back to School – Working with Children

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Have you recently sent your children back to school for another year? Even as adults, we feel the pull of the new school year. We remember what it’s like to walk into a new homeroom, seeing who else is in your class, hoping that you would have a successful year. It was exciting, but also pretty stressful. Kids have so ...

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Keep Your Clients' Payment Info Safe with Owl Practice

Keep Your Clients’ Payment Info Safe with Owl Practice

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We talk a lot about security here at Owl Practice because it’s one of the most important aspects of your practice. Yes, we offer extensive features that make the lives of both providers and clients easier, like online scheduling and intake forms, but it’s the security part of the equation where you should really feel—well, secure! Your clients’ confidential personal ...

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Updating Your Browser

Updating Your Browser

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What web browser do you use on a daily basis? Your choice of web browser is more important than you may think. Back in the 90s, you really only had a choice between two browsers: Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. In today’s software ecosystem, there are dozens of different options of browsers, some better than others. But did you know ...

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