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How Therapists Save Time & Money with a Practice Management Solution

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Do you want to save more time and money in your business?

Who doesn’t!

This is the season when many savvy business owners are reflecting on their expenses for the year, analyzing ways they can save, and making plans for the coming year. One of the easiest ways to save more time and money is with an efficient practice management solution.

Fits Your Budget

Owl Practice doesn’t have to tax your wallet or your budget. It’s easy to fit into your current business plan with just a few simple tweaks. All you have to remember is that time is money. Owl Practice absolutely saves you time, and that can convert into money saved and money earned.

In fact, Owl customers have told us they save 7.4 hours each month on average compared to before they started using Owl Practice. Just think about what you could accomplish with more than 7 extra hours each month? You could see more clients, which would provide more billable hours, and that will more than cover the monthly cost of the practice management solution in your budget.

You can also think of it this way: If you were to count up all of the coffees you’ve purchased at your local coffee shop this month, it can easily add up to $4 per day or maybe even up to $5 if you have premium tastes. That can add up to $80-$120 per month. Now imagine if you spent that money on a management solution for your practice instead. For less than the price of a latte per day, you can organize your practice with online booking, calendar management, session notes and documentation, and streamlined invoicing. It’s all about perspective and prioritizing what’s most important for your business.

Saves Time

As we mentioned, you can save over 7 hours a month with Owl. Additionally, 87% of Owl Practice customers find that they’re more organized than before, and 96% of customers would recommend Owl Practice to colleagues because they’re so impressed by the amount of time they’re saving each month.

With Owl’s calendar management functionality and the new appointment confirmations, you can reduce the number of missed appointments and serve your clients better with reminders. In fact, 25% of no shows and cancellations occur more frequently after 5PM, but with clients able to book their own appointments and receive confirmations, you’ll be able to reduce that figure. You can spend less time coordinating calendars with your clients and more time helping clients!

Perfect for your on-the-go Lifestyle

You’re busy. We get it. There’s so much to do between your practice, your family, your health and wellness, not to mention any downtime you might want for some rest and relaxation. A practice management solution like Owl Practice is perfect because it can fit into your on-the-go lifestyle. Owl isn’t tied to a single computer so you can take it with you and work from wherever you are. It’s also optimized for smartphones and tablets. Plus, you can add your clinical progress notes right into Owl so that you’re not dealing with piles of paperwork everywhere. All of it can be easily accessed from your tablet or laptop.

Hundreds of Canadian therapists, psychologists, and social workers are saving time and money with Owl Practice and you can too. Owl can help you optimize the way that you operate on a daily basis. Sign up for a demo today and learn more on how you can save more time and money with Owl Practice.

As always,

Practice Wisely

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