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The Value of Practice Management vs. a Caffé Latte

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These days, the price of a cup of coffee can really start to add up. Have you made note of the most recent prices at Starbucks? A caffé latte can easily run you $3 to $5 a day, depending on the size, if it’s a fancy seasonal flavour, and other extras. When you start to think about $3 or more a day, it adds up to more than $90 a month… maybe even as high as $150 a month. Wow! That’s some coffee!

As tasty and stimulating as that cup of java may be, the question of value starts to come up when you look at a monthly coffee budget. Are there other areas of your life that you’re neglecting which could bring you even more value than that latte at the same price? What is your money really worth, and what is your time worth?

They say that time is money, so what would it mean if you could make better, more streamlined use of your time? What would the value be?

The way that we attribute value can be a funny thing. Evidently, our society values a good cup of joe or we wouldn’t be keeping all of these gourmet coffee shops in business. But what else should we be valuing more highly than we do?

At Owl Practice, we believe in finding easier ways to manage your practice. We value efficiency, continuous improvement, and personal well-being very highly. As a psychologist, therapist, or social worker, finding better ways to manage your practice can mean less stress, smoother operations, seeing more clients in a day, and finding more free time to enjoy the important things in life, like your family and friends.

Owl Practice costs less than the price of a latte a day, and offers extensive value in return. The Canadian online tool was specifically designed for private practice. It allows you to organize your practice with online booking, calendar management, secure client data, streamlined invoicing and payment tracking, clinical notes, workflow management, document uploads, email and SMS reminders, bank-level encryption, secure client record management, automatic backups, and PHIPA and College compliance.

It’s our goal to find solutions that will allow therapists, psychologists, and social workers to spend more time focused on clients while at the office, and less time thinking about practice management when away from the office. We know that an organized workspace can make your working environment more efficient and less stressful, and our clients tell us every day that they don’t know how they managed before Owl.

We love coffee—it’s delicious! But we love making the lives of the people who work in private practice run smoothly even more. It’s gratifying to know that we provide so much value to social workers, therapists, and psychotherapists just like you for less than the price of a latte.

If you have any questions about Owl Practice, don’t hesitate to ask. We invite you to set up a personalized practice demo to see how Owl can help you save time, get organized, and see more clients. Cheers!

As always,
Practice Wisely

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