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Save 11.3 Hours a Month with Owl Practice!

Save 11.3 Hours a Month with Owl Practice!

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Do you ever struggle to get out of your therapy practice by the end of the day? Does it feel like you need more time?

To a certain extent, that’s just part of the reality of being a mental health professional. There’s always something else that you need to do. There’s updating client notes, coordinating appointments, sending off invoices, or planning your schedule for the next day. All in all, it could take you a full half-hour or longer from “quitting time” until you can leave to go home. In a line of work that’s as stressful as a therapy, that can take a big cut out of your work-life balance.

What if you could eliminate that half-hour post-work period altogether? If you could leave at the actual end of every day, that would save you over 10 hours a month. Or, if you already have a handle on your schedule, wouldn’t it be nice to save some time so you could knock off a bit early and spend more time with your family and friends or for some “me” time?

Well, coincidentally, using Owl Practice can give you that time back. Our clients save an average of 11.3 hours every month and you can too! So, how does Owl help you streamline your practice?

Client Intake

One of the most time-consuming parts of bringing on a new client is getting them into your system. Paper intake forms are inefficient and an unnecessary waste of paper. When someone fills in a paper form, everything still needs to be inputted into your system. Fillable PDF forms sent by email are equally slow. All of that is a massive waste of time, especially when there’s a much easier way.

With Owl Practice’s online intake and consent forms, everything is done electronically. It’s paperless, convenient, and secure. Your clients can fill everything out online, on whatever device they prefer. If they want to fill out their intake forms on their mobile phone while sitting on the couch, they can! Riding on the TTC? No problem! And as soon as they’re finished, you’ll receive an email notification that it’s complete. Straightforward and simple.

Invoicing and Payment

While there are a lot of invoicing services out there, most of them are specifically designed for mental health practices. They’re rarely integrated into your systems either, so you’ll likely need to manually export your clients’ billing information and do a lot of extra work to get it all coordinated. Sure, that might not seem like a lot of extra time in isolation, but when you have enough clients, it can really add up.

With Owl Practice, invoicing is built right into our system. You can create beautiful invoices with a single move, then email them to your clients to save on paper!

But what about payment? Owl Practice allows you to process credit cards directly from your Owl account using seamless integration with Stripe. Not only is this convenient, but you also get competitive processing rates. No more worries about getting paid when your clients can do it directly through Owl!


Calendar management can be one of the biggest headaches you have to deal with as a therapist or mental health professional. There are so many meetings you need to juggle, not to mention having to communicate with your clients to schedule their appointments.

Owl Practice saves you time by giving clients the ability to book and manage their own appointments from right from your website. They just need to log into Owl Practice to see what days and times are available and then schedule at their convenience. Between all of your clients, this feature can save massive amounts of time and hassle!

These appointments will automatically appear in your Owl Practice calendar, showing you your complete itinerary. No more having to juggle meetings or worry about something falling through the cracks, as everything will be there in your calendar. Best of all, it’s an intuitive system that’s fully integrated with your client files, so you can click through to your most recent client notes to prepare for their next appointment.

Location Flexibility

If you have confidential physical files about clients, you might be reluctant to take them out of the office. I mean, what if you ever lost them? That would be a disaster for both your clients and your reputation as a trustworthy therapist.

By using Owl, you’re eliminating any chance that you’ll lose or expose your clients’ confidential information because it’s all stored securely online. Every bit of your practice’s data is kept on our secure PHIPA-compliant Canadian servers. All of the data is backed up regularly to make sure you’ll never lose a bit of data.

Keeping all the data on remote servers has another significant benefit: you can work from wherever, not just the office! So long as you have a wireless connection, you can log into Owl Practice via your dedicated login page on any of your devices. Want to check some notes from home? No problem. Dealing with a work emergency from your vacation at the beach? Just log in on your phone! It’s not only a time saver, but also mighty convenient!

These are just a few of the ways that Owl Practice can save you time. Just think of everything you could do with that extra 11 hours a month! If you want time to work on a personal project, now you can! If you’ve meant to spend a little more time with the kids, it’s yours to spend! And if you want to get back into shape, now you have extra hours you can spend at the gym. Owl Practice is the practice management services that gets the pointless busywork off your hands so you can do the things that really matter instead.

If you’re interested in seeing what else Owl Practice has to offer, sign up for a 14-day free trial or book a demo. And if you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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