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Session Notes Exported Easily!

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For our existing Owl clients, you know about our Data Export feature in your settings – this lets you quickly and easily access just about all of your data at the click of a button.

The one piece of data that wasn’t available on that page were your Session Notes – there was no easy way to get ahold of a client’s complete clinical history in one place. We’re excited to announce that this has changed!

Download all of a client’s Session Notes with our Notes Export!

pastewindow1We’ve added a new option in your Action Menu on the Clients screen that will let you select the date range for your export.

This will quickly compile all the session notes for your date range into a single file – a .zip file that most (if not all) computers should be able to open.

Inside the file, you’ll find a folder with the Client’s code and a PDF file for each session note. From here, you can store them on a hard drive, print them out, email them – anything you need to do!


Notes Exports allow you to have a full history of your Client in front of you – in one place, with easy access, and filtered how you need to be.

Remember, if you have any questions or feedback about this or any other feature, let us know!

Thanks, and as always,


Practice Wisely

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