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Solo, Group, Student, and Educator Solutions

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What kind of mental health practice do you run?

When we first started Owl Practice, our focus was on providing a full-featured practice management solution to Canadian therapists and psychologists. Over the years, we’ve expanded our mission statement to include many other kinds of practitioners, including occupational and speech-language therapists. However, we’ve never taken our eye off the ball when it comes to our responsibility to mental health professionals.

Knowing that practices come in all shapes and sizes, we needed to make sure that Owl Practice’s services were flexible enough for various needs. With that in mind, here are some of the ways we can help various practice types:

Solo Practices

A solo practice is often the best option for many mental health professionals just starting out. However, running a business can provide a series of challenges that school and training didn’t necessarily prepare them for.

If you’re running a solo practice, chances are that you don’t have full-time help or employees, meaning you’re the one answering the phone, managing appointments, and doing onboarding when you land a new client. That can take up a lot of time, cutting into your already full schedule. Fortunately, Owl can take care of all that for you.

When you take on a new client, sending out⁠—and eventually confirming they completed⁠—their intake and consent forms can be frustrating. With Owl Practice, your new client can complete these forms in a mobile-friendly way, right on their phones! And when they finish, we notify you immediately.

And what about booking appointments? It’s so much easier to let clients book their own! With Owl’s appointment booking and reminder features, your clients can see all of your available dates for sessions without you needing to speak with them directly. And our automatic reminder system will make sure that your clients never miss an appointment!


If you’re an established mental health professional, you may have grown your practice to include other therapists. For this situation, Owl Practice offers expanded features that help you manage the entire office.

For example, managing the schedules of all your therapists is easy with our multi-therapist calendar. It shows all scheduled sessions and room bookings on a single screen.

You can also give your therapists and office admins access to Owl Practice with tailored access by user type. That means your session notes will not be available to everyone at your practice, just those specific users with permission.


Gaining experience working with clients is essential for the education of student practitioners. That’s why Owl Practice offers features designed to help students and their educators as they guide them into their future careers.

For example, we offer supervisor integration that allows your supervisor access to review your notes and to appear on financial documents. If you have multiple supervisors, no problem: they can all have access!

You also get our online appointment booking features, making it very easy to allow your clients to book their own sessions.

And best of all, we offer access to our Premium Edition for only $20/month for six months for students!


To help prepare the next generation of mental health professionals, Owl Practice partners with some of the top educators in Canada, including York University, the University of British Columbia, George Brown, and many others.

With our practice management solution in place, these institutions can ensure that their students will be prepared for a career in mental health.

We offer White Globe Onboarding to ensure that your entire team is fully trained in our system. With SAML Integration, students will be able to access Owl with their SSO credentials. And, as mentioned above, supervisors will always have full access to review students’ notes, appear on financial documents, and much more!

At Owl Practice, we pride ourselves on offering solutions that fit almost any situation. So whether you run a solo practice, are part of a larger practice, or are a student or educator in the mental health field, Owl Practice is here to help!

If you’d like to see what else we can offer, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial. And if you have any other questions about our intake form features or comments about our services, please get in touch with us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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