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Start Saving 12 Hours a Month Now

Start Saving 12 Hours a Month Now

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If you streamlined the way you manage your private practice, how much time do you think you could save? We’ve collected data from mental health practitioners across Canada and the results have been a revelation!

Client feedback and hard data is key to us at Owl Practice. We want to understand what each workday, week, and month is really like for those working in the field of mental health. When we understand the user experience, we can use that data to make continuous improvements.

We recently sent out a survey to our existing customers, asking for detailed feedback about their experience with Owl. One number in particular has been very important:

On average, Owl Practice saves mental health practices an average of 12 hours a month on administrative tasks.

That’s an impressive number. Let’s take a look at how that time saving is made possible.

Effective Scheduling

Scheduling appointments is one of the most time-consuming parts of running a practice.

You need your monthly calendar clearly laid out, making sure that there’s never a double booking, every appointment is accounted for, and that your schedule optimizes the way your appointments flow throughout each day.

With our calendar management tools, you can schedule client appointments with ease, using our integrated personal appointments feature. You can also use our calendar features for multiple offices, making billing and online booking even more comfortable.

Speaking of online booking, Premium Owl Practice members and their clients also benefit from online booking. This feature allows your clients to book and manage their own appointments, resulting in massive time savings for everyone involved. To book an appointment, your clients just need to log into your client portal. Having clients manage their own sessions can save you and your staff time as well as headaches.

And if you’re tired of clients repeatedly missing appointments, you can set up automatic email and SMS reminders with Owl. Before their appointment, your client will get a reminder, significantly decreasing the chances that they’ll forget and not show up.


When it comes to tax time, you need your finances to be in order, and that includes all of your 2019 invoices.

Hopefully, you aren’t using the old shoebox method of stashing your critical financial records! In an ideal world, you’re using a practice management system with integrated invoicing and payments. With Owl Practice, it’s super easy to export your data and provide your accountant with financial information.

For clients, we offer seamless credit card processing with Stripe, directly from your Owl Account. After their session, your clients will be invoiced automatically using your templates and their payment data. And with your dashboard, you’ll be able to see stats about your practice’s finances and track your success over time.

Clinical Records

To run a mental health practice, keeping effective client records is vital. And with Owl Practice, it’s incredibly easy to keep all of your clinical records organized in one place: on our Canadian servers!

Keeping session notes is a snap, as everything is saved under each client’s profile. You can even cross-reference their profile with those of their family using our Circle-of-Care feature. And if there are any documents that you want to save for specific clients, you have unlimited document storage, allowing you to run an entirely paperless office.


Nowadays, privacy and security is a significant concern for mental health practices. Your clients’ personal information is invaluable. If there were any leaks of clinical notes, it could be disastrous for both your clients and your practice.

That’s why Owl Practice makes digital security a crucial part of our services. You don’t have to spend any time backing up your data ever again, because we do it for you. Everything is stored off-site on our 100% Canadian servers, making sure all of your information is protected under Canadian privacy laws. We’re fully PHIPA and college compliant, and everything is password protected and encrypted.

Bringing It Home

That 12 hours of time-savings is only the beginning. The feedback we get from our client surveys is critical to the way we operate and continuous improvement is part of our commitment to you.

Our data-driven philosophy has pushed us to become the most comprehensive and user-friendly practice management solution available today for mental health professionals. While our system is already thorough, we’re always looking for the next big thing for our customers! With new features like Video Therapy, we’re listening to your needs.

If you’d like to experience precisely what Owl Practice has to offer, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or book a demo today. And if you have any questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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