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Practice Management for Speech-Language Pathologists

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Do you run a speech-language therapy clinic? Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes. While we often focus on what Owl Practice can do for mental health practices, our services aren’t limited to that field alone! The variety of practice management features offered by Owl can be adapted by just about any kind of therapy clinic, including those that focus ...

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Owl Practice in Review – Is Owl Right for Your Private Practice?

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“I just don’t know if Owl Practice is the right fit for my practice…” We understand! Choosing whether or not to use a practice management solution like Owl Practice can be a tough decision to make. When you first open a new practice, money might be tight, and you could be concerned about keeping your expenses to a minimum. Or, ...

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What Would a More Efficient Practice Look Like?

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Would you say that your private practice is efficient? Every year, big companies spend millions on efficiency experts who determine places where things can be automated, improved, cut back, or eliminated in order to improve overall efficiency and boost the business’s success. Of course, hiring such experts would be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses such as private practices, right? Well, that ...

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Make the Last Months of 2020 Your Most Organized Ever!

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Is it safe to say that we’re all looking for a little more control over our lives right now? 2020 started well, but since March, things have not entirely gone according to plan. Mental health professionals around the country had to completely change the way they handled appointments, going from in-person sessions to virtual video conferences. Today, therapists and other ...

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Join TherapyOwl Today: Canada's Fastest Growing Therapist Directory

Join TherapyOwl Today: Canada’s Fastest Growing Therapist Directory

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Have you joined TherapyOwl yet? There are countless people in desperate need of mental health aid who don’t know how to find a therapist. They might try to go online but most information is decentralized and hard to sift through. Nowadays, there can also be a distinct lack of trust as to the content that comes up in a Google ...

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