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Take Advantage of Owl's Referral Program

Take Advantage of Owl’s Referral Program

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As an Owl Practice user, why not take advantage of our referral program? Whether you’re a newly-minted therapist just getting your practice up and running, or you have an established practice, saving a few dollars is always welcome! And if you can help some of your peers in the process, even better! Not only can Owl Practice save you upwards ...

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Best Practices for Therapists in 2019

Best Practices for Therapists in 2019

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We’re already well into 2019; have you been sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? Frankly, we find New Year’s Resolutions to be more trouble than they’re worth. Instead, we like to think about “best practices.” By focusing on best practices, you can improve things across the board at your mental health practice, keeping you on track for a fabulous 2019. ...

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Report on Private Practice in Canada

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Get ready for in-depth analysis of today’s private practice industry. Find understandings of how other mental health care practices operate and optimize their businesses in Owl’s 2018 Trends Report. At Owl Practice, we’re big believers in data. We’ve compiled a report focused on the Canadian private mental healthcare industry in the past year. We wanted to take a deep dive ...

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Preparing Your Practice for a New Year

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Rather than waiting to make New Year’s Resolutions for a successful private practice in 2019, why not take action now? Most of us realize that New Year’s Resolutions don’t usually work. What is proven to be effected is taking planned incremental steps to achieve a goal. There’s no better way to be prepared for a 2019 goal than by gathering ...

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Only at Owl

Only at Owl!

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Have you heard about Owl Practice, the practice management solution for therapists, psychologists, and social workers and wondered what makes it so special? Good question! There are some other services out there who offer some of the functionality of Owl Practice but none of them are quite like Owl. So what makes us different? Why should you place your practice’s ...

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