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Tips for Video Therapy

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Would you say that you’re an expert when it comes to video calls? It’s been almost two years since the beginning of the pandemic and the rise of Zoom. And yet, from lagging internet connections to people who don’t know they are on mute, video conference calls can still be a frustrating experience! Lower quality video calls might be fine ...

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Futurize Your Private Practice in 2022 with Video Therapy

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Do you realize that we’re living in the future right now? Think about it. Smartphones? Limitless computer and internet connectivity? Electric cars? Modern medical advances? All checkmarks! The only reason we don’t feel like we are living in a futuristic world is that everything has changed so gradually. But when you think about it, the world is a very different ...

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Redefining “Normal” – Why Video Therapy Is Here to Stay

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Have you put thought into what the phrase “the new normal” really means? Every industry worldwide experienced big changes this past year and a half and many people just want everything to return to “normal.” But here’s the thing: even with vaccinations rolling out and the reopening of businesses, fully going back to the way things were done in pre-pandemic ...

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Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office for Video Therapy

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Are you giving your clients the highest quality video therapy sessions possible? One thing we’ve all learned over the last year is how effectively video conferencing technology can keep us connected. Unfortunately, not all of these services live up to the standards required for video therapy sessions. That’s where Owl Practice comes in! Ever since we introduced our video therapy ...

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Private Practice Trends in 2021: Video Therapy

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Have you tried a video therapy session yet? Due to the pandemic, working from home has become the only way that many people can do their jobs. With that shift came the rise of teleconferencing apps. These apps helped remote employees work together and opened the door for virtual appointments with doctors and other health care professionals. Once the first ...

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