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Therapists: Is It Time to Clear the Clutter?

Therapists: Is It Time to Clear the Clutter?

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Does everything at your practice spark joy?

We bet there’s lots of “stuff” in your office that don’t actually need. You could get rid of it and you wouldn’t miss it at all. Clutter has a way of building up so slowly that you don’t even realize it until you’re knee deep in old office supplies and ancient documents. Thankfully, springtime is here, and you know what that means? Spring cleaning!

It’s so necessary to take time every year and do a good clean up of the entire office to get rid of the clutter. Here are a few things that you might want to think about when you get down to tidying up this spring.

Time to Go Paperless

More and more, offices are going paperless. Why? Because it makes things so much easier, more secure, and less cluttered too.

If you have piles of paper documents covering your desk, spring is a great time to get rid of them. Rather than print off more and more paper, you can start to move towards a fully digital office.

Filing cabinets full of important documents are insecure and simply take up too much space. It’s better to digitize and store all of those documents online where you can keep them efficiently organized—Owl Practice makes it easy. With our practice management system, you can easily keep things organized everything is available at your fingertips without ever cluttering up your desk. Not only will you save money on printing and photocopying, but you’ll also be saving the planet.

Time for a Deep Clean

Even if you keep your practice neat and tidy all year round, dirt has a way of building up. Check for dust bunnies behind furniture and under desks. Clear off all surfaces and shelves and give them a good scrub. And be sure to take a look at your office kitchen, especially checking the fridge for any expired Christmas leftovers!

If you discover that the dirt has built up way more than you expected over the last year, it might be time hire a cleaning person to tidy up the office every few weeks.

Refresh the Office

Now that everything in the office is organized and clean, it might be time to refresh the decor a bit.

When was the last time you put up some new pictures in the office or rearranged the furniture? Little changes can work wonders for boosting morale and keeping the office feeling alive and active. If it’s been years since the walls were last painted, now is the perfect time of year to paint. Some new paintings or furniture might perk up your own day-to-day and it’ll be interesting to see which clients notice the new additions!

Don’t Forget About Digital Clutter

Digital clutter is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to spring cleaning. While digital clutter isn’t physically covering up your desk, it can still weigh on your mind.

For example, take a look at your phone. Does the little badge next to your email app show hundreds of unread messages? Seeing that number every time you unlock your phone can raise your anxiety level without you even realizing it. Spring is the perfect time for some email organization!

And don’t forget about your computer. If you have dozens of disorganized documents and notes on your desktop, now’s a great time to get them in order. With Owl Practice you can upload those documents and attach them to specific clients, as well as take all of your future practice notes online. You’ll be able to access them anywhere you have an internet connection. Plus, your desktop will be squeaky clean for the first time since you bought the computer!

While your practice documents should all be stored in Owl Practice for ultimate security, now is also a great time to back up everything else on your computer. If you aren’t in the habit of running back ups, now is the time to start.

Spring cleaning is a tradition for a reason. After a long winter, it’s great to to renew and refresh your workspace and mood. This can include both your home and your office. At Owl Practice, we do whatever we can to help keep order in your practice, so that spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a huge chore every year. With our organizational tools, we strive keep your practice organized so that everything will be precisely where you expect it to be, all year round!

To find out what Owl Practice is all about, we invite you to sign up for a free demo. And if you have any questions or comments about our services, we invite you to contact us at

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