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TherapyOwl – New Client Growth Service

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How many new clients have you taken on this year?

2020 has been a terrible year for mental health. With workplace closures, rolling lockdowns, and limits on gatherings, almost every in-person social outlet is unavailable, leaving people feeling lonely and trapped. All of this is a recipe for a mental health pandemic, alongside the coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully, many people are on the lookout for assistance from Canadian mental health professionals. The problem is that they’re not always sure where they can find help.

That’s why Owl Practice has stepped in to provide mental health professionals with a service that can connect them with potential clients in need. We’re helping therapists just like you connect with struggling individuals. It’s effective, easy, and, best of all, free! Welcome to TherapyOwl, the fastest growing mental health directory in Canada!

What Is TherapyOwl?

In short, TherapyOwl is an online therapist directory that focuses on Canadian mental health professionals.

At Owl Practice, we work with mental health professionals every day. By running Canada’s foremost digital practice management solution, we’ve gained some incredible insights into the mental health needs of Canadians. With TherapyOwl, we facilitate connecting them with therapists and other professionals who can help them get the help they need.

If you’re accepting new clients either virtually or face-to-face, then TherapyOwl is one of the best ways to connect with them.

Therapists who list with us receive:

  • A complementary and personalized listing
  • Hundreds of new clients visiting their listing every month
  • A third-party endorsement to increase their digital trust and safety
  • A video therapy badge, essential during COVID-19

Why Does It Work?

One of the challenges with finding a therapist is the amount of work you have to put into the process. Not only do you need to find someone qualified to address your specific mental health needs, but you also have to determine if they’re taking new clients, are close enough to you, etc. If you’re already suffering from poor mental health, the very idea of going through this process could stop the search before it even begins.

That’s the beauty of TherapyOwl—the entire focus is on connecting therapists with clients. Those seeking mental health assistance simply key in their information, mental health needs, and location, and TherapyOwl will generate a list of qualified therapists for them. This takes all the tedium out of finding a therapist, leaving potential clients with actionable information.

Wait, It’s Free for EVERYONE?

Yes, and that includes mental health professionals!

Unlike some directories, TherapyOwl is 100% free for all Canadian therapists. There are no membership fees or one-time payments. Our interest is in connecting clients with therapists, so charging mental health professionals for the “privilege” of using our service would get in the way of that goal. Instead, TherapyOwl is entirely free for you to create a comprehensive online profile for your practice!

To create a profile, put in your basic information, credentials, practice name, location, contact information, photos, and website. You can then fill out your “About” section, describing the clients you help and your specific mental health focus. Once finished, you’ll have a full profile that will pop up whenever someone searches for mental health professionals in your area (or beyond, if you use Owl Practice’s Video Therapy services). If you match their needs, an email or phone call could be on the way!

Other Benefits?

As a member of TherapyOwl, you also get access to profile metrics that can provide you with useful information about the types of people seeking your services. You can instantly see how many people hit the “Email Now” and “Book Now” buttons. With this information, you can tweak specific aspects of your profile to finetune your approach.

And remember, TherapyOwl is free for everyone! You do NOT need an Owl Practice account to become a listed therapist. That alone sets it apart from other online directories. You have complete control over your profile and can customize every part of it.

To find out more about TherapyOwl, click here to set up a free profile. Or, if you’d like to experience everything else that Owl Practice has to offer Canadian therapists, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or a demo today. If you have any questions or comments about our services, Owl Practice, or Video Therapy tools, please contact us at

As Always,

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