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Video Therapy: Work From Anywhere!

Video Therapy: Work From Anywhere!

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Video Therapy may be the ultimate building block in building a “work from anywhere” office.

The impact of COVID-19 and social distancing around the world has impacted every industry and business, and that includes the mental health profession. Luckily, even before the pandemic hit, we had been hard at work with a new Video Therapy feature.

While mental health practices typically rely on their physical locations, even when life returns to normal, we live in an ever-changing environment where visiting a physical office may not always be the most convenient option for you or your clients. The option to hold appointments through video conferencing has become a reality.

The problem with most video conferencing tools is that there are real security concerns. Skype, for example, is not PHI or College compliant. While Zoom (the current king of teleconferencing) does meet those standards, there have been multiple stories in the press about security flaws with their service, compromising their users’ security.

If you’re planning on holding appointments using video chat, you need to use a service that a) you trust, and b) that preferably integrates with all of your online practice management solutions.

Enter Owl Practice Video Therapy Sessions! Our brand-new feature will facilitate the possibility of virtual therapy sessions, bundled with the safety and security features that Owl Practice provides. Not only is the video service for mental health practitioners, but it’s also fully PHI and College compliant, just like all of our other services.

Virtual Sessions

There are some prerequisites for video sessions for both you and your client. You both need a good-quality webcam and microphone. Most laptops, tablets, and phones have these features built into them, but you may want a more professional setup if you’re going to be holding a lot of video sessions. Thankfully, there are very affordable, high-quality mics and webcams you can purchase online. We can’t provide any specific recommendations, but here are some great options for mics and webcams if you do a little searching.

Working From Home? No Problem!

One of the reasons why mental health practitioners love Owl Practice is because our services are cloud-based. No data is stored on any of your devices. Instead, everything is on our secure Canadian servers, protected by Canadian privacy laws. That means you can log in and get the full Owl Practice interface anywhere you have an internet or wireless connection.

Even though you’re at your home, you’ll have full access to all of the practice management features you need to keep things running smoothly. Being able to decentralize your practice during times of crisis offers flexibility that most in-house practice management options can’t match.

Owl Practice & COVID-19

We’re regularly in contact with many of our clients, so we understand the burden that current circumstances have put on all of you working in the mental health profession. When people feel isolated, anxious, and panicked about their mental health, we know you want to be there for them.

We also recognize how stressful this time is for you, not just for your clients. Working from home can be a massive transition, and sometimes things don’t go smoothly. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help you keep your practice running throughout the crisis so you can emerge on the other side stronger than ever.

If you’d like to experience what Owl Practice has to offer for your at-home practice, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or book a demo today. And if you have any questions or comments about our services and the upcoming video therapy tools, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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