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What You Can Accomplish With Owl

What You Can Accomplish With Owl

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Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day?

As a mental health practitioner, your time is precious. Every minute you spend on administrative tasks is time you could be spending on building your practice and taking care of your clients. But hours of admin is simply part of the reality of running a mental health practice, right? Maybe, but what could you accomplish if those administrative tasks vanished from your workload?

At Owl Practice, we believe that administrative work shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming. This philosophy drove us to create a practice management platform that saves therapists and other mental health professionals up to 11.6 hours a month.

Here are some of the ways how Owl Practice can help you accomplish more every day:

Practice Management

There are countless project and practice management services out there, but if you want one that focuses entirely on the mental health sector, Owl Practice offers everything you could ever want.

From session scheduling to detailed clinical process notes to our Circle of Care client contact system, every feature is specifically designed to help mental health professionals find more hours every month, reduce their stress, and get organized.

Client Portal

In mental health work, you spend a significant part of your day interacting with clients—and we’re not talking about sessions here. Booking appointments, calling them with reminders, getting them to fill out their intake and consent forms… A big advantage of Owl Practice is that with our Client Portal, your clients take care of all of these tasks themselves!

If a client wants to book an appointment, they just need to head to your Client Portal, open the booking calendar, and book in an available session slot. Once they have their appointment scheduled, they’ll get reminders through SMS and email a day beforehand.

Many clients put off filling out their Intake and Consent forms, but with Owl, you can keep tabs on whether or not these forms have been completed.

With Secure Client Messaging, you can communicate with your clients “secure” in the knowledge that no one else is going to read your messages. The Client Portal offers all of these features and many more!

Video Therapy

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, video conferencing has rapidly become the norm.

With the shift to video conferencing came the increased popularity of video therapy. Using Owl’s Video Therapy service, you can connect with your clients anywhere they have an internet connection. We believe that the popularity of video therapy will continue long after we’ve won the battle against COVID-19.

With video therapy, your more vulnerable clients don’t need to leave their homes in order to get the treatment they need. Best of all, your video sessions will be protected by Owl Practice’s security. Everything goes through our secure PHIPA and College-compliant Canadian servers, so you can be sure that no one is listening in on your virtual sessions.

Meet New Clients

One reason people don’t seek help for their mental health is that they believe it will be too difficult. They’ve heard that finding a good therapist is impossible or incredibly expensive, so they don’t even try. This is a tragedy as these people could likely benefit from working with a mental health professional.

At Owl, we want to make it easier for people to find mental health professionals who are a perfect fit for them. We imagined a sort of “one-stop-shop,” where potential clients could easily browse therapists in their area, finding everything they need to know. And so, we launched TherapyOwl.

TherapyOwl is a free online database of therapists and other mental health professionals. It doesn’t cost anything to put up a therapist profile, and it doesn’t cost anything to browse. In fact, you don’t even need to be an Owl Practice user to have a profile! It’s our hope that, by using this service, Owl Practice will help connect therapists with the people who need help but aren’t sure how to find it.

This is all just scratching the surface of the amazing features available to our clients. If you’d like to experience everything Owl Practice has to offer, we invite you to book a 14-day free trial or demo. If you have any questions or comments about our services and video therapy tools, please contact us at support@owlpractice.ca.

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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